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The Best Glass Desks for Sale Online in Australia

When it comes to transforming an office or adding a new, vibrant dimension to it, sometimes it just takes one piece of furniture. A glass desk is an elegant solution when you need to give your office a sudden lift and lend it an immediate sense of style that is guaranteed to catch the eye. They also offer the benefit of giving the illusion of a room being bigger than it actually is, which is particularly useful if you’re operating within a small space.

Glass desk elegance for your office

Regardless of whether it’s an executive table, a monitor stand, a desk or a console table, at BuyDirectOnline.com.au we have options to suit all of our customers’ needs. We handcraft all of our products and have a huge range of stock ready to ship from our six warehouses in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra.

With GECA certification and AFRDI approval attached to all of our items, you can buy with confidence that your order is of a high quality that is fit for purpose, and was created and delivered with a sustainable future in mind.

A lot of damage has been done to the environment as a result of industry, and so companies are increasingly looking inward and trying to find solutions that reduce their carbon footprint and lessen the burden on our planet.

Customers are also more conscious of their role in reversing the negative trend and so seek out products and manufacturers that are similarly minded. Matching our values with those of our clients is of paramount importance at BuyDirectOnline.com.au.

The certification we received from GECA is there to assure our customers that our products have been tested against the standards they have set out in terms of ensuring that they are safe and have been built to last, thereby minimising the use of the earth’s resources.Our ability to manufacture and deliver directly from our warehouses also means that we have been able to eliminate unnecessary elements from our supply chain, thereby making it as efficient as possible.

Glass Desks – Plan for the future

Investing in cheap office furniture ultimately leads to waste as well as additional expense, which implies the additional use of the earth’s natural resources. When considering who to buy from and what products, a focus on the quality of the product, its ability to meet the ergonomic needs of your staff and the duration for which it will be in your service are all-important factors.

Cost is not everything, because an investment in, for example, an adjustable glass desk might allow you the flexibility to re-use that product in a different setting, as opposed to choosing a rigid version that suits only one function.

What’s more, if you know you’re going to be in business for many years to come you want the best from your staff. Ergonomic and forward-thinking furniture options will help boost productivity and sustain it, while simultaneously improving your staffs’ health, and reducing the amount of sick leave they take over the course of a year.

Money isn’t everything, but money well spent reaps more rewards, which is why at BuyDirectOnline.com.au we tailor the best office solutions to your needs at the lowest wholesale prices, guaranteed. So, why not place an order today and have what you want for less, and for longer!

Over the past twenty-five years, we have been delivering high-quality office furniture to customers all over Australia. One particular product has been steadily growing in popularity – glass workspaces. To meet this demand we have increased our manufacturing output of glass furniture and today we are one of the main suppliers across the country. Whether you work in an open plan office, a home set up or an executive chamber, Buy Direct Online has a glass table to suit your specific tastes.

Why Choose A Glass Desk?

There are many reasons why glass has become a popular choice in contemporary office furniture. Some of the benefits of glass work surfaces include: Modern and sleek aesthetic that enhances the overall style of a modern workspace.

Glass is not porous and therefore cannot harbour bacteria on its surface when cleaned regularlyThey are easy to clean and maintain, glass, in particular, is a very sanitary material.

Glass is not treated with harmful chemicals, unlike plastic or wooden desks, particularly when new.

They will not degrade under prolonged sunlightTempered glass is incredibly durable and shatterproofGlass leaves no markings other than small scratches

They cannot be damaged by spilled beverages like coffee or tea in the same way as a wooden desk.

Glass is one-hundred percent recyclableRather than block light, they allow it to penetrate and do not detract from the surrounding work area.

Most importantly glass tables evoke a sense of creativity, ambition and confidence.

Your Office Could Benefit From A Premium Glass Desk

With our thirty day returns policy you can have full confidence that if the furniture you purchase from us does not meet your needs then you can exchange it with no trouble. All of our products come with extensive warranties of up to ten years, a strong guarantee that they are long lasting and durable. We offer full assembly of all furniture upon arrival, so if you prefer to keep on task and continue with your busy schedule then we will set up your new furniture so you can use it right away. By ordering with us today you could be enjoying your new stylish office in a matter of days.

So if a glass desk is part of your new office revamp, or you are simply considering a fresher look for your office then we have just what you need and at unbeatable wholesale prices. You can find our full catalogue of products on our website where you can also browse through our satisfied customer testimonials. That will give you a greater impression of the level of commitment we bring to our work so you can have confidence when you place an order with Buy Online Direct. If you have any questions, queries or you would like to get information about an office refit then don’t hesitate to phone or chat online with one of our excellent customer service agents today.

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