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Computer Desks for Sale Online in Australia

We are all familiar with what the offices of the major search engine and social media companies look like. They are usually mostly open plan, have a range of different stations and areas in which different tasks can be completed and have the things we all really wish we had at work, foosball and table tennis tables, video games and free food!

The Biggest Range of Cheap Computer Desks in Australia

These could be described as Motion Offices and in these modern setups; you rarely see a traditional computer desk. While such companies are out there in terms of their public visibility, we all know that there are thousands and thousands of traditional companies still in existence, and so the old organisation standards have not yet died out. But, what is also true is that the way offices work is changing.

At we constantly watch the trends of the market and regularly add new office furniture to our vast range of ready to ship stock. One of the more popular changes we have seen and now cater to in terms of computer desks is the advent of the height-adjustable desk. With employees far more aware of the possible damage that long-term sitting does to their back, neck and cardiovascular system, they increasingly want to move more over the course of their day.

The height-adjustable desk is an efficient, elegant solution to this and empowers the employee to choose between sitting at their computer desk and adjusting it so that they can work while standing up, which promotes more movement.

Computer Desks for a Home or Office Setting

Even in a world that is going open plan more than ever, many office managers still see the value of office dividers and they are still a very popular seller on The benefits are numerous and it’s not just all about flexibility.

For example, if you’re not part of the group think tank that sits and conceptualises but instead are part of another group that focuses on working up documents based on their decisions, you just need a cheap computer desk and a dedicated space that gives you a sense of separation and independence but simultaneously keeps you in the loop, in case anything major comes up that might affect your work.

The dividers can also be organised by colour around the office, making each group identifiable at a glance. This has the added benefit of bringing a little more vibrancy to the office floor, and if the company identity is defined by a particular colour, then the dividers are a handy way to bolster brand identity on the work floor. Similarly, employees often use them to personalise their workspace, which has a beneficial impact on morale and productivity.

Data protection and security has never been more important, and so at work, it may also be necessary to guard information against visitors. Office dividers strategically placed around the floor can protect sensitive data from wandering eyes.

Computer Desks at Affordable Prices with Free Delivery

Regardless of the layout of your office, when you want to buy a computer desk price will always have to be considered. Rest assured that with 250,000 customers to our name and 25 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying office furniture, at BuyDirectOnline we have everything you could wish for and our prices won’t be beaten. What’s more, free metro delivery is available to help take the hassle out of transporting your purchase and so once you finish your order, stock coming directly from us, the manufacturer, will be winging its way to you in no time.

Why Buy Computer Desks from

The computer desk range here at is perfect for both desktop computers, laptops or even both if you need space for multiple screens to get your desired job done. Our selection of cheap computer desks come with optional drawers, hutches, shelving systems, cord management options and much, much more.

We have in stock and ready for dispatch a number of corner computer desks, height adjustable desks, straight desks and workstations. Perfect storage for your CPU, desk accessories and filing or storage units to fit underneath. This range of computer desk and workstations vary in colours, sizes and materials. You will be sure to find something to cater to your needs, and if you can’t let us know and we can help out. If you need computer desks for a full office fit out, give us a call today on 1300 313 495 and we can discuss bulk order discounts or answer any questions you may have regarding this range.

These computer desks are built with high-quality materials and have gone through rigorous testing to make sure they stand the test of time. Browse our broader range of office desks if you’re struggling to find exactly what you need.

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