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X Chair Ergonomic Mesh Office X-Chair

Introducing The Breakthrough Ergonomic Chair That Increases Staff Productivity, Concentration and Efficiency By Over 40%

Try The X-Chair In Your Office With Our 30 Day Risk-Free Trial And Save Hundreds Of Dollars Off The RRP The fastest-growing office chair brand in the USA is now available exclusively from BuyDirectOnline!

Introducing The X-Chair – The Perfect Blend Of Executive Style And Advanced Ergonomic Technology Anyone who works in an office knows the importance of an ergonomic chair. You spend all day on it, so you need it to fit your body and support your posture. You need it to be easily adjustable and customisable to your specifications. And it has to be made from quality materials which are not only built to last, but also improve airflow and allow you to stay comfortable.

The X-Chair does all of these things AND it looks incredible, bringing the perfect combination of functionality and style into any office. X Chair’s next-gen ergonomics, sleek design, and quality materials are the envy of every office. This BRAND NEW Ergonomic X-Chair Office Chair has taken off in the USA, we are one of the first authorized distributors for the X-Chair in Australia! Buy with us to get your hands on this brand new product.

Slash Sick Days And Work-Related Injuries By Creating A Healthy, Happy Working Environment

Sitting down all day can cause neck and back pain, migraines, sore muscles and general exhaustion. These symptoms are the result of sitting in an unnatural position which puts unnecessary strain on your body.

The X-Chair’s ergonomic design not only ensures maximum comfort, it also helps reduce the risk of injury brought by cheap, poorly designed furniture. Imagine creating a better work environment which reduces work-related injuries, work cover expenses and unnecessary days off. With the X-Chair, the only problem will be having your staff wanting to take their chair home. This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Office Chair.

X1’s classic black base goes perfectly with the black and grey mesh options to create a look that works for any office space. The stylish curves of the X-Chair deliver modern technology and comfort that can’t be found in any other office chair.

A striking polished aluminium base and four soft-to-the-touch K-Sport material colour options, from vibrant red to classic black, let you individualize your X2 like never before. The X2’s bold curves, advanced technology, and unprecedented comfort transform any workspace into an oasis.

The X3, the most innovative X-Chair yet. X3 incorporates all of the same design and ergonomics as the X2. However, we are excited to introduce Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric (ATR) throughout the chair to provide enhanced support and comfort.

X4 is draped in supple, premium leather. The seat, back, and optional headrest deliver a delicious comfort from the moment you touch. X-Chair’s Flex Mesh Technology is still at work in the seatback, which features an innovative and attractive layer of mesh behind the leather to deliver the support you need with the comfort and style you deserve.

X-Basic introduces the benefits of the DVL and Flex mesh. The high-resiliency molded foam seat, two-way arms, and R&L Adjustable Recline features enable the X-Basic to adjust to a broad range of users. Meet the side chair that offers the advanced comfort of Flex Mesh Technology, the unparalleled relief of Dynamic Variable Lumbar support, and the distinctive design of the X-Chair.

The X-Side shatters the limitations of a traditional side chair, providing instantaneous and personalized ergonomic support for every user and a stunning new uni-body construction.

No one told the X-Stack that folding chairs are supposed to be uncomfortable. Its extraordinary Pivot Backrest and Flex Mesh Technology create a level of comfort unprecedented in its seating class. X-Stack’s ergonomically contoured seat effortlessly folds up for compact transport and storage, making it ideal for any venue.

The X-Chair Supports Good Posture Which Increases Productivity, Concentration And Energy Levels By Up To 40%

Something as simple as poor posture can cost you time and money. In fact, workplace research has found that up to 40%of our energy at work is wasted compensating for bad posture. The X-chair is designed to ensure you and your employees are comfortable and maintain correct posture for the whole working day.

This can help save up to 30% more energy, which leads to an increase in concentration and focus, and a decrease in exhaustion. This ultimately means more work gets done and less errors are made as a result of worker fatigue.

Transform Your Office Into A Superior Working Environment

Happy workers are productive workers. That’s why X-Chair’s ergonomically designed chairs are a great addition to any workplace. They help relieve tension and reduce tiredness in your staff, ensuring they stay comfortable and productive for the whole working day. Here’s why X-Chair is such a great investment for any business…

Latest Ergonomic Design To Provide Comfort And Support

15 Year Product Warranty Which Gives You Peace Of Mind Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support To Reduce Back Pain Premium Mesh And Leather Distributes Your Weight EvenlySci-Float Infinite Recline Assists Motion And Aids Circulation

Get High Quality Chairs Without Breaking The Bank

Office furniture is an important investment, especially if you use it every day. If you buy a $200 chair which lasts 2 years, you’ll need to buy 7-8 chairs over a 15-year period. This will leave you with a bill of $1400+. Why not simply purchase 1 X-Chair which is around half the cost? Our chairs are built with the highest quality materials and come with a 15-year guarantee. This means you’ll save hundreds of dollars and you won’t waste time ordering and changing over your new chairs every 2 years.

10 Adjustments And High Quality Materials Mean The X-Chair Is The Perfect Fit For Everyone

Sitting in the same position the whole day can cause muscle aches, tension and numbness. The X-Chair promotes movement by allowing you to change position throughout the day. It offers 10 ergonomic adjustments including lumbar support, infinite recline, 4-dimensional armrests and adjustable seat back and headrest.

This also allows it to be customised for every individual, so you’ll have the right chair for your staff regardless of their shape and size. Plus, it is made using Flex Mesh technology, meaning the chairs are durable and breathable, providing extra comfort throughout the day.

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity And Become The Envy Of Every Office

Professional Style And Colour To Suit Any Office 10 Ergonomic Adjustments So The Chair Fits You  30 Day Trial Means You Can Try Before you buy Simple And Easy To Assemble As Well As OperatePromotes Good Posture Which Increases Productivity

No Risk Now, No Risk Later:  30 Day Risk Free Trial**

X-Chair warrants this product for a period of 15 years, see details below: All parts and materials are warranted for 5 years. During this time, X-Chair™ will provide replacement parts for any damage that is due to defect in material or workmanship. For the first 2 years, X-Chair™ will bear the entire cost of replacement parts and shipping. For the next 3 years, X-Chair™ will bear the cost of the replacement parts, but the customer will be liable for the cost of shipping. All non-moving metal components of the chair are warranted for an additional 10 years (for a total of 15 years). The customer must provide appropriate pictures of their damaged product if requested. A defect in material or workmanship does not include damage to a product, or failure of a product to operate or perform properly or to maintain the appearance, caused by (1) misuse or abuse of the product; (2) improper assembly or assembly that was not as recommended by the written assembly instructions; (3) normal wear and tear; (4) a natural disaster or an Act of God; (5) transportation; (6) an unauthorized modification made without the express written consent of X-Chair™; (7) improper storage; (8) the natural ageing of materials such as wood, leather, and fabric which results in colours shifting during use; (9) crocking or reverse crocking of dyes from clothing on our seating materials. Products damaged in these ways will not be considered defective and will therefore not be repaired, replaced, or refunded. We shall not have tort liability with respect to a product, and we shall not be liable for any consequential, economic, indirect, special, punitive, or incidental damages arising from a product defect.  X-Chair complete warranty details click here