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In Need of Quality Chairs in Sydney?

Have you ever walked the office floor and noticed more than a few of your employees either day-dreaming or shifting about in their seats every few seconds, seemingly unable to maintain focus on the tasks at hand? This shouldn’t come as a cause for panic, however, they chose to work for you so it’s not the work, but sometimes the chair and desk you’ve provided are to blame for this lack of productivity. Office chairs Sydney employees dream about are those beautifully crafted, ergonomic mesh ones, but why?

Chairs Sydney Employees Dream About

Sure they look great, bring style and a sense of the cutting-edge to any office, but the truth is that they are not only comfortable but relieve employees of those aches and pains that your current set of chairs cause.

Fortunately for you, BuyDirectOnline.com.au stock and deliver a wide range of ergonomically designed items that will transform your workplace and your bottom line. At the heart of BuyDirectOnline’s product line are solutions for the modern office that promote healthy working practices and empower those who order from us to use their office furniture in accordance with what works best for them.

Ergohuman chairs, sit/stand and height-adjustable desks, monitor arms and anti-fatigue mats are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the choice of forward-thinking options that will bring the best out of you and your workers.

How To Choose The Perfect Chair

The key things that any person should look for to ensure a comfortable workstation include the following:

Support and Adjustability: The lower back bears a lot of our weight while sitting and so it is vital that any chair provides adequate support in the form of an adjustable feature that allows you to fit it to your back and help prevent back strain. Furthermore, the chair should be able to change to suit users of different heights, and its arms should also be moveable so that correct posture can be observed while sitting at the workstation and reduce strain on the arms and wrists.

Movement: Wheels and the ability to swivel seem like basic features but without these, it is most likely that extending and stretching to reach things out of reach will result in muscle strain.

A Breathable Seat: If your chair becomes hot after hours of sitting then it’s possible that the fabric is to blame. A breathable fabric will make the chair much more comfortable when prolonged sitting is required – but when is prolonged sitting that lasts for hours ever really advisable?

You have to spend money to make money

New furniture invariably means a financial investment but with your back, or mobility, or even the health of your heart on the line, most sane people will agree that it’s worth the short-term pain in your pocket when it promises to have beneficial results that will allow you to function happily going forward.

BuyDirectOnline’s products are all AFRDI and GECA approved meaning that your purchase not only guarantees high-quality items at the best prices available, but your investment is also one in sustainability and the wellbeing of your staff.

So, instead of risking further sick days and poor morale that could drive key talent away, take action today and pick up some new chairs. Sydney natives have trusted BuyDirectOnline.com.au for 25 years and we would love to add you to the 250,000 customers we have dealt with to date.

How to know if Your Office Task Chairs are Out of Date

There are plenty of reasons why most office managers take the initiative and seek agreement to secure some cash in order to redesign or freshen up the look of their office spaces. As the old saying goes, “a change is as good as a rest”, and a new look or new furniture in the office can inspire employees and assure them of the financial stability of the company that they work for.
However, when considering office chairs, Sydney business owners should think about what the chairs they are using say about their company to the wider world. Those once cutting edge designs that you invested in a few years ago may have since fallen by the wayside. Worse still, the chairs that occupy your office may not be serving your employees physically.
Ergonomics is something that must be taken into consideration, not just because it promotes a healthier work system, but because in tailoring your work systems to the physical needs of your staff they can work at their optimum levels. Finally, the last thing that you want to find out when reviewing the furniture in your office is that the warranties are out of date.
If any or all of the above sounds familiar, don’t worry, because at BuyDirectOnline you can make the change today for a lot less than you might think.

Why You Might Qualify for an Immediate Asset Write-Off of $30k

We are committed to consistently meeting the budgetary needs of our customers and go to great lengths to create new and exciting offers that save money every single month. It is unusual and not very common to receive assistance from the outside world in this regard; however, that is the position that we find ourselves in today.
Our Government has recently made an inspired change to their instant asset write-off scheme that has opened the possibility of availing of this incredibly valuable deduction of $30,000 dollars to businesses that have an annual turnover figure between ten million and fifty million dollars. So, if you are looking around at the tired old chairs that occupy your Sydney workspaces but were waiting for a little more leeway in the books before you reinvest, this could be a very real way of making the change now.
At BuyDirectOnline, we have outlined a few ideas that you can look through that could prove useful to those that plan to access this scheme. But, as always, we are also available on the phone or via email should you wish to run your own ideas past us, or tap into the new and exciting ways that we have identified possible to make this scheme work for you.

Buying Chairs in Bulk Increases Your Savings

If you are fortunate enough to qualify for the write-off, then the chances are that you will want to make it go a long way. Buying individual pieces of furniture is fine if you only want to source a couple of replacements, but if you are really committed to changing up your office space for the better, then trust us to help you out with bulk order discounts.
All you need to do is find five items that you want to buy from our online store, then give us a call to see if we can offer you further reductions on our already superior prices. We make acquiring office chairs in Sydney simple and affordable, so act now and grab a bargain that will stand you and your employees in good stead for many years to come, right here at BuyDirectOnline.

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