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​​System 50 Workstation Accessories From BuyDirectOnline.com.au

Do you have a System 50 Workstation? If so, then don’t settle for the standard accessories that come with it. We offer a variety of system dividers and mounts to help give your system 50 workstation an office makeover!

From paper trays to system dividers, we’ve got all the accessories you need right here at BuyDirectOnline.com.au!

Give us a call on 1300 313 495 and our experienced sales staff will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries about products or orders.

Types Of System 50 Workstation Accessories

Are you looking for some accessories for your System 50 Workstations? If so you’ve come to the right place, here we have various different mountable accessories to make your workstation shine.

Standard Acoustic Privacy Screens

A standardised acoustic privacy screen can help give your employees the space they need to complete tasks without being overlooked by other staff members. These acoustic screens also help manage and reduce noise pollution within the office. So if your staff are on the phone for large parts of the day, these types of screens can assist with concentration and reduce interruptions with their workflow.

Above Desk Ducted Partitions

Partitions provide a clear visual barrier without limiting your staff’s ability to collaborate. They create an open plan office system that allows for light and airflow between different areas while still giving you the privacy of individual workspaces. These above desk ducted partitions give the user easy above desk access to both power and data once installed appropriately.

Below Desk Ducted Partitions

If you want to hide cables and all your data management system under the desk, these below-ducted desk partitions are great for making sure desktops are kept clean and tidy throughout the working week.

Glass Top Screens

Whilst maintaining the privacy and improving office acoustics, glass top screens ensure your employees have appropriate levels of light throughout the day.

Hanging Shelf Storage

Our System 50 Workstation accessories include a simple clip-on hanging shelf to store books, paper and other office accessories.

Binder Holder

A dedicated space to keep the most important papers that you keep in a binder folder. This System 50 Workstation accessory simply clips onto an existing screen giving you a small but useful extra piece of storage space.

Business Card Holder

Keep your contact cards close with a small, savvy business cardholder. This system 50 workstation accessory clips onto an existing screen giving you handy storage space for all your business cards.

Document Tray

A simple System 50 Workstation accessory that provides users with somewhere to store their documents so they can quickly find them when needed. This paper tray is also compatible with sticky notes, meaning your employees can leave your important notes when you are away from your workstation.

Why Buy System 50 Workstation Accessories From BuyDirectOnline.com.au?

No matter what type of System 50 Workstation accessory you require, we can help you find it. From document trays to acoustic screens, we have everything you need to get your workstation in optimal working order.

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