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Lectern Stands & Lecture Podiums

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Standing up to give a speech in front of a large group of people are you nervous?  Lecterns are designed to give you confidence making it easy to convey your message. The Lectern is a must at any community event or when addressing a large crowd, the sloping top provides a place for notes while displaying a corporate image. Some models have a light option which is very handy if the room lighting is low. What is a Lectern? They are like a Podium which is a platform that is raised up higher than the surroundings. Buy Podiums, Lecterns Online or office accessories today with our easy order system, save 50% & take advantage of our Free Delivery Offer!!

Lecterns Online for Less

Confidence is important when you step in front of an audience and want them to pay attention to every word that you say. Those that regularly deliver presentations or lectures to audiences know just how useful and important it is to have a lectern podium before you so that you have a base at the centre of your speaking platform that offers support, adequate space for your notes and instils a sense of occasion that promotes the professional image you wish to convey.

Here at Buy Direct Online, as an Australian-owned and operated company, we are especially proud of the fact that we are the country’s largest online office furniture retailer and the go-to choice for thousands of those that wish to access great quality products at exceptional prices. For over 25 years we have supplied some of the biggest brands and companies and continually keep an eye on the marketplace to ensure that we have the latest advances in ergonomic technology as well as solutions that make life that little bit easier whether you are in the work environment or home.

The Many Features of the Modern Lectern Stand

When it comes to the lectern stand what you need will depend on the setting in which you will deliver your presentations, or how you engage with an audience. As such, at Buy Direct Online, you will find a wide range of choices, styles and functions particular to the different models available, which will meet the needs of any and all those seeking to find the ideal product that will enhance their ability to approach each room with confidence.

Naturally, there are height adjustable options available to ensure that users of all sizes can comfortably deliver their presentations and given that LED lighting comes in-built this makes it possible for you to focus the attention of your audience on you by dimming the house lights, without compromising your ability to read from your notes or slides. Tilt features make it that bit easier to adjust the view of your notes when required.

Those that require additional props or materials as part of their routine will also be able to find products that come with additional shelving. And, for those that will speak in front of large audiences and must project their voice, there are lectern podiums available that come with microphones in-built.

Of course, many folks will take their show on the road and must have confidence that no matter where they go they will have access to their preferred set-up each and every time. As such, here at Buy Direct Online, you can find many portable lectern options.

Best of all, for many of our products, logos can be added to the podium, which enables you to promote your branding and company everywhere you deliver your speech.

If you want people to listen, add a lectern to your podium
A lectern is a symbol of authority. It suggests that the person speaking has something intelligent to say. The importance of this depends on the nature of the message you’re delivering to the audience. Lecterns are the best choice when:

Your message is of an academic or technical nature
You are making some kind of official proclamation
You are delivering a legal statement of some sort
It’s necessary to convey solemnity and dignity

Lecterns can also provide an advantage when you need to read from notes, or where use of a fixed microphone position is necessary. Using a lectern means you can gesture freely with both hands because you don’t need to hold a microphone while you’re addressing the audience.

A lecture podium can be helpful more than you may expect
Even if you opt not to stand at the podium when addressing your audience, it can still be useful to you. You can keep things on it. Accessories, props, notes, or simply drinking water can all be placed on the lectern, so you have them within reach to access when you need them.

For best effect, add your corporate logo to the lectern stand
It’s a small enhancement that makes a big difference. The lectern itself adds some weight of authority to the speaker. Adding your logo makes that authority official, and connects the speaker to the identity of the corporation.

An adjustable lectern stand is a good investment

Different situations may call for a different height for the lectern. Of course, it is important to be aware that an adjustable lectern should never actually be adjusted when it is in use. Audiences become annoyed easily when people unnecessarily fidget with the furnishings, so that is something to be avoided. Adjustments must be made before the event commences, and only changed in the most dire of circumstances.
If you have more than one person who will be addressing the audience, it is far better to provide a riser block for shorter people to stand on than to adjust either the lectern or microphone.

The advantage of an adjustable lectern is that you’re able to set it up in advance so that it will be at the best angle and height to suit the purpose of the day. You can use the starting angle and height as a reference to make necessary external adjustments to suit those who will be speaking, making the necessary preparations in advance so that there will be no need to make adjustments during the event.
The best strategy is to adjust your lectern to suit the tallest person who will be speaking. This is because it is relatively easy for shorter people to stand on riser platforms hidden from the view of the audience. If the lectern is not adjusted to suit the height of the tallest speaker, then that person will have to stoop to reach the microphone and may also have difficulty reading their notes due to the distance.

Best value range of lecterns online

There is no better place to buy a lectern than Buy Direct Online. Our name says it all. We make it super easy to buy the things you want, and we ship products to arrive within 24 hours where same or next day shipping is indicated. If you prefer not to wait even that long for your products to arrive, you can also pick up most products from our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

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Preferential Shipping Rates for all of Australia

Here at Buy Direct Online, click and collect is now possible for those that wish to pick their products up from one of our warehouses in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Brisbane. Those in metro areas may also find that they qualify for free delivery when they get to the checkout, and for those beyond the city limits, our shipping rates won’t cost you the earth, because we have preferential rates agreed with our distributors.

So, when you want to access lecterns online and want to find the best looking, high-quality product that comes at the lowest price available in Australia – guaranteed – you’re in the right place here at Buy Direct Online.