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Office Chair Components From BuyDirectOnline.com.au

Need office chair components? You are in the right place! BuyDirectOnline.com.au offers a wide range of office chair components and accessories to make your office environment more comfortable, efficient, or safe.

We sell gas lifts for chairs that can adjust the height, castors that allow you to move around while seated comfortably on your office chair, and floor mats that will give you traction while rolling around your office space.

If you need help with an order or any other office accessory questions, call 1300 313 495 and one of our experienced staff will be happy to assist you today!

Types Of Office Chair Components Available

Hunting for a new gas lift or brand new castors for your chair? Perhaps a floor mat to make rolling much more fluid when seated? If this sounds like something you need then here is where all of our chair components and accessories are located in one convenient place!

Office Chair Gas Lifts

Gas lifts are a handy tool to have if you want your office chair or desk chair to lift up and down as well as tilt forward. This is especially useful for those individuals who need an office chair with back support, but don’t necessarily have the best strength in their legs!

If you’ve had your office chair for some time now, rather than replacing the entire thing, a simple change of gas lift might help.

Office Chair Bases

If you are after office chair bases, you have the choice of either plastic, stainless steel or chrome chair bases.

Plastic office chair bases might be more lightweight and cheaper in price, but they do come with their own disadvantages; such as being less durable than steel office chairs which will last for longer.

Steel office chair bases guarantee a longer life as well as being a little more sturdy and will bear more weight.

Office Chair Wheels or Castors

One of the most important office chair components is an office chair castor. Not only does it keep your office chair in place, but also allows you to move freely when seated! We offer heavy-duty castor wheels, friction braking castors and X-Wheels which help you glide across the office floor.

Adjustable Chair Arms

Whether your current arms are showing signs of wear and tear, or you want height-adjustable arms to better suit your needs. We have many options in stock.

Padded adjustable armrests are a lot comfier and offer a greater range of ergonomics. Adjustable armrests allow you to manoeuvre the armrests of your chair into a position that is comfortable for you throughout different parts of the day.

Massage, Heating & Cooling Units

We have available both the X-HMT and Elemax units exclusively on sale from the USA based company X-Chair. These two units can be retrofitted to your current office chair to offer a range of massage modes and heating and cooling elements.

Buy Office Chair Components From Us Online Today!

Ordering office chair components online has never been easier. Whether you’re looking to replace existing components with new ones. Or you want to upgrade and update your office chair to make your life at work a little easier. We have what you need!

Call us on 1300 313 495 to speak to one of our office furniture experts directly or place your order directly online. We’ll have your office chair components shipped out to you in no time at all.