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Office Chair Castors & Wheels From BuyDirectOnline.com.au

Looking for some additional wheels or castors for your chair or table? These castors are universal fitting and require little to no assembly. Available in either screw or push-pin they are easy to change over and are available in a range of styles and sizes.

What is the point of chair castors? They are a small but important component of any chair or table that needs to be moved around often. Castor wheels can be installed quickly and easily, meaning you don’t need to worry about getting up from your desk every time you need some extra mobility. Our office chair castors come in a variety of styles and sizes so there’s bound to be one that will suit your chair or table.

Types Of Office Chair Castors & Wheels

Here at BuyDirectOnline.com.au, we stock a wide range of office chair castor wheels. These wheels are easy to replace on your existing office chair. The simple push-pin activation means that you’ll have new wheels in no time!

X-Wheel Office Chair Castors

Glide around the office with ease with X-Wheel Office Chair Castors. These chair castors have been specifically designed for office chairs and feature a unique design, allowing greater stability and movement.

Similar to rollerblade wheels, these office chair castors really do offer a greater range of movement, with only half of the effort.

Reverse Brake Locking Castors

If you want an office chair castor wheel that can hold your chair firmly in place, then take a look at the Reverse Brake Locking Castors. With these chair casters, there is no need to worry about your chair moving as they will lock into position when required.

The installation process for this type of caster wheel is relatively simple. Turn your chair upside down so that the chair castors are facing towards you and then just pull the old ones out and pop the new chair caster into place. It’s as easy as that!

Heavy Duty Castors

If you are looking for chair castors with a bit more weight and power behind them, then look no further than our range of heavy-duty castors.

These chair casters have an impressive load capacity. They can be used on all sorts of chair types including office chairs, task chairs, mobile tub chairs and we even stock heavy duty castor wheels for a range of mobile tables and desks.

Castors & Wheels For Mobile Tables & Desks

Our screw-in castors are generally purposed for mobile tables and desks. These types of wheels are designed to be fitted onto the bottom of furniture. The castor is screwed directly into place, where they are held tight and secure to give you a reliable fit that can sustain high volumes of use while also being versatile in its application.

Buy New Office Chair Castors & Wheels Online Today

If you want a fast way to change your office chair casters, choose Push-pins instead of screws. These push pins make it easy to switch out chair wheels as they simply slide in and out with ease.

Not sure which ones will fit your chair or table or perhaps just looking for more info about our office accessories? Call us for more information on 1300 313 495.