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New compactus design with rolling bays easy for filing and storage, install a lockable compactus unit today! Large compactus units are a great way to file office paper work, They can be used for storage and filing, new compatus on rolling rails, pick up one today to improve your office space! If you have any questions regarding any of our office filing units or office filing & storage solutions give us a call and one of our experienced sales team will be able to assist you with your order.

Compactus Units At Prices You’ll Scarcely Believe

Any product that saves space in the office is an investment worth making. Compactus units are one of the most elegant and efficient systems a busy office could have at its disposal, particularly when there are vast amounts of items that need to be stored away in a place that offers quick access and ease of use. Mobile shelving bays are deceptive in terms of what you believe they can store on first look, but once opened it becomes apparent just why offices all across Australia regularly install them and never look back.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we are the largest online office furniture store in Australia and a testament to our 25 years serving both office managers, companies and private individuals that wish to access superior quality without having to pay the high ticket prices found in traditional retailers. Naturally, people assume that what is saved on the item is spent on shipping, however, this is not necessarily the case.

Our incredible network of warehouses based in Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane ensures that we are able to deliver anywhere in the country. What’s more, we have negotiated shipping rates for our customers that are lower than can be found elsewhere, and take the sting out of your orders.

Better still, for those living in metro areas, there are possibilities available when you shop with us to access free delivery on your goods. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, our new click and collect system affords those that do not wish to pay for shipping the chance to pay for their items and arrange to collect them at a time that suits that.

The Towering Efficiency of Compactus Storage Units

When it comes to maximising space efficiency, compactus storage units are unrivalled. It is possible to reduce the floor space used for storage by 50% by installing these units. Even more impressive is the fact that the space available to store your items will jump by 100%, and in some cases, mobile shelving could even increase this figure up to 300%.

One of the greatest things about having this kind of storage solution in your workplace is that everyone that needs access to the files, documents or paperwork that they need can get to it much faster. This reduces the time lost looking for files, it increases the productivity of your team and all of this, of course, means that you can anticipate greater profits come the end of the year.

Naturally, all businesses have their own requirements, and so you need a storage solution that can be tweaked and tailored to your specific needs. Compactus storage makes it easy to customise how your space is used so that those items that are more readily required can be found faster, and larger items or less frequently required items are housed away securely.

Overall, implementing a storage solution like this means that you can increase the security standards of your company and simultaneously promote a much safer working environment.

When you need to store a lot of items, regular shelving just won’t do.
The problem is that most workplaces just don’t have enough space, so storage can really be a pain if it is not planned correctly. Obvious examples of places that need to efficiently and effectively store huge amounts of items include museums, libraries, and police evidence rooms. Even these buildings which have been designed to be large enough to store a lot, eventually run out of room. This is where Compactus storage units can make a big difference.

The concept of the Compactus cabinet

A Compactus cupboard is a space-saving, efficient method of providing shelf storage for large collections. Essentially they are composed of a group of individual shelving units linked together by slide rails. Each section is either open or closed at one time, which means you can fully access the items you need in a particular moment without needing to expose any other items to view. That can be particularly beneficial to museums, where it can be important to protect precious items from exposure to air, sunlight, and moisture.

Contrary to what you may expect, if the Compactus storage system is installed on a level floor, it is amazingly simple to operate. Of course, what you put on the shelves can make a difference. Overloading any shelf is an invitation to problems, and Compactus shelves are no exception.

There is a little bit of noise involved in their operation, but it’s not really different from opening any basic file drawer, and the duration of the sound is very short, thus unlikely to cause any serious disruption in the work place.

Compactus units are suited to heavy-duty use

One of the best attributes of the Compatus shelving system is that it is designed for durability. It’s very strong, constructed from quality materials and engineered for superior strength. Shelves are unlikely to collapse, even when overloaded. You should not, however, overload the shelves because it can make it more difficult and dangerous to operate the slide mechanism, plus it puts the shelved objects at risk of damage due to the effect of inertia.

Having so much space available actually means there is no need to overload your shelves. There is plenty of room in a Compactus cabinet to store all the objects you’d want to store.

The name of Compactus gives away the idea behind the design. They are a good way to save space, requiring less room to install and use compared to typical shelving systems, and providing plenty of internal storage space, which is very easy to access.

These high quality Compactus units are available now from Buy Direct Online

Compactus storage units may be compact, but that doesn’t mean they’re not big. The easiest and most convenient way to get them is to buy direct online from Buy Direct Online. Most orders are received by customers within 24 hours of ordering where same or next day shipping is indicated, and we can deliver them right to you, anywhere in Australia.
Buying from us is worry-free. We will happily discuss any problem with you, and we have an excellent returns policy that should set your mind at ease. With our fast delivery, easy ordering, and fantastic customer service, buying office furniture from us really is the best way to get Compactus shelving for your workplace

At Buy Direct Online, companies can save over a thousand dollars on their compactus cabinet acquisitions. What’s more, those looking for a bit more peace of mind can access warranties of up to 10-years so that no matter what the future holds, you know that your investment is protected.

So, with all these positives and a wealth of choice, shop with confidence at Buy Direct Online when only the best for less will do.