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In the modern business world, an office is just as important a first impression as your handshake or your business card. Potential clients assess everything when they’re considering new partners in business and so depending on the industry in which your company occupies space, the layout, design and spec of your office say a lot about what kind of an operation you are. Therefore, the kind of office furniture Victoria businesses look for should be of a modern style and tailored to their specifications. However, not all furniture manufacturers are willing to customise their products or facilitate a complete fit-out.

Office Furniture to Revitalise your Victoria Workplace is where companies and organisation of all sizes and descriptions are increasingly looking to when it comes to meeting all of their demands in one convenient place, and for the best prices in the market.

Trading as manufacturers and suppliers for 25 years, BuyDirectOnline have become the number one office furniture company in Australia. Home-grown and home owned, our mandate is to use our significant buying power to manufacture high-quality goods and make them available to our customers at affordable wholesale prices.

Whether it’s a kit-out or a couple of items to complete your home office, we’ve got you covered, as will the warranties on all of our handcrafted products. With warehouses in Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane a huge amount of stock is continually available for immediate dispatch and all of it is delivered free! 

The benefits of a standing desk

Standing desks have taken off as the latest trend in offices. Sedentary lifestyles promoted by 8 hour days sitting in front of a screen at work that brought about a number of health issues such as back pain, heart disease and mobility issues inspired a move to a different way of working. The standing desk offers a few surprising benefits that would make the most old-fashioned office manager think twice.

These include;

1. Increased Life Expectancy

The idea is that standing promotes greater mobility and encourages staff to both move and stretch more. The result comes from a reduction in the time spent sitting which therefore places less pressure on internal organs and the spine.

2. Improvements to blood sugar, cholesterol levels and heart function

Blood flow is reduced where a person sits for prolonged periods of time, which can lead to complications that might result in heart-related issues over time. The increased mobility can also promote greater blood flow, which has cardiovascular health benefits.

3. Productivity

Workers who stand often increase their productivity and have greater success maintaining focus on their work over the course of the day. Sitting all day can be tiring on the body and sap energy levels over time, whereas adopting a standing positing for the day encourages more movement which boosts energy and places less strain on the spine, neck and arms.

Sit or Stand? Why not both?

BuyDirectOnline has invested in height-adjustable desks which empower employees to choose over the course of the day whether they want to sit or stand. This allows them to get the best of both worlds and the employer benefits from a motivated and focused worker, without having to worry about the adverse effects their desk and chair might be having.

Office furniture Victoria shoppers seeking out that perfect item or design should look no further than where you’ll find solutions tailored to your needs and ready to ship at the lowest price in the market.

Making it Easy to Save on Our Bestselling Office Furniture in Victoria
It is very easy to get lost in the pages of BuyDirectOnline, admiring the wonderful craftsmanship and imagining how each different piece of office furniture would look in your Victoria workspace. Sometimes while we are budgeting and saving toward that big investment that will spruce up the office excessive time is spent thinking about how much longer you need to wait before you can make that great change. Well, depending on what your needs are, the chance to do so may be accessible to you right now.
Here at BuyDirectOnline, we try our best to continually keep things fun and affordable for our customers. As such, we regularly scour the site and keep tabs on which items are at the top of our bestseller lists. Why this matters to those that are saving is that we have a range of combo deals on the site made up of some of our best selling products.
The way it works is simple, instead of choosing to buy each item individually, choosing to buy a combo deal could help you save up to $999 today. These deals have been carefully thought through and designed to offer the greatest value proposition, so trust us when we say that this is as good as it gets. While we can’t honour other coupon discount vouchers or substitute products from the deals, the truth is that once these offers go live they don’t last long. So, it makes sense to strike while the iron is hot.

Bulk Discounts for Large Orders of Office Furniture

We have plenty of customers that come to us every month with a long or developing shopping list of items. Those that are in the know will realise that there is greater value to be found by getting in touch with our sales team to talk through what they are planning to buy.
At BuyDirectOnline, we appreciate that when it comes to buying office furniture, any Victoria business-owner will likely want to secure the best deal and will be looking for more than a single item at a time. As such, if you have an order that adds up to 5 or more items, then it is definitely worth your while to contact us.
The reason why is that we may be able to offer you a bulk discount on your order. As you already know, shopping with us is a sure-fire way to access the lowest prices for furniture online in Australia, so you’re already saving a few bucks. However, we’re never completely happy until we’ve saved you as much money as we can, which is why calling and chatting about your order makes a lot of sense.

Reduced Shipping Costs Apply

Depending on where you are based in Victoria, you may be able to cut the cost of shipping from your bill by choosing our click and collect service, which is available in Melbourne. Furthermore, if the cost of your order adds up to $1,000 or more, this might qualify you for free metro area delivery.
Now, if neither of the above options can be availed of, rest assured that those that buy office furniture from us in Victoria will benefit from the low shipping rates that we have negotiated with our network of distributors. You can even estimate the cost of shipping using our online calculator. Rest assured, that with BuyDirectOnline, you will save in all areas because we want the best for you for less.

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