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In Need of Office Furniture in Queensland?

That pain in your lower back is back again. It’s been on your mind to do something about it for a while but you’ve been so busy preparing a pitch for new business and decided to just suffer along. But now, this morning, when you’re due to pitch your business to prospective clients, the pain has extended down your legs making it almost unbearable to stand-up.

Office Furniture to Transform Queensland Workplaces

You’re forced to cancel the meeting and reschedule. You know how it looks but for now what’s important is to get back on your feet and invest in ergonomic office furniture. Queensland, fortunately, can rely on to take the sting out of this unexpected expense, guaranteeing the cheapest prices for the best, high-quality items on the market. is an office furniture manufacturer and supplier specialist with 25 years’ experience under our belt and over 250,000 customers on our books. We are Australian owned and operated, and cater to the entire country, with no exceptions. With warehouses in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, a huge range of handcrafted stock is constantly ready for shipment at wholesale prices.

Queensland customers can expect free delivery, warranties of up to 10 years and a 30 day return policy to give you a little extra confidence that you have chosen the ultimate one-stop shop. All of BuyDirectOnline’s stock is new and modern styles are regularly added to our lines of manufacture, ensuring that whatever the workplace demands, we can supply.

The importance of Quality Office Furniture

An increasingly important aspect of the modern office is the presence of ergonomic furniture. This trend resulted from numerous studies, which showed the link between hours of sitting stationary at a desk, and complications including back pain, joint pain, neck problems and even more serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. But if your staff are still sitting then what are the benefits of an ergonomic chair, or desk?

First off, while investing in an ergonomic chair or desk, or an entire fit-out may seem like it is a major expense, the actual long-term effect is that business will improve by virtue of the fact that less time is lost to worker injuries or time off from problems arising from bad posture. As a direct consequence, you should also expect to experience higher levels of productivity and see an increase in the engagement of your employees.

That’s right! Employees feel valued and respond positively when they believe that their employer is conscious of their comfort and happiness in the workplace. Your staff will also be able to focus better on their work, with instances of pain or discomfort having been eliminated from their working day and, in the forward-thinking organisation who invest in standing or height-adjustable desks, their workers’ health will be improved by their increased daily mobility.

Office Furniture for when every day is important

The benefits of investing in the workstations you and your staff use every day speak for themselves. Can you really afford to miss a day or that important presentation and risk the negative perception that comes from it when you’re trying to make your name?

BuyDirectOnline think not! That’s why we’re here to make the process as simple as possible for you. Our fast and friendly customer support team are available by phone or online chat if you need some help, but if not, our ordering system is simple, fast and will secure you the best office furniture Queensland has to offer at a price that cannot be beaten, and that’s a guarantee!

Is Your Current Office Furniture Covered?

Nothing stays the same forever and as with most things in life tweaks are made to different rules and new procedures are put in place that alters how the goods we have serve us. In terms of office furniture, Queensland business owners will appreciate that health and safety, as well as fire standards, are of paramount importance. Office chairs and computer desks that were manufactured ten years ago may no longer meet the prevailing laws and regulations. As such, this should prompt the question, “are the warranties on the office furniture I have still in effect?”
If you have brand new furniture, then the team here at BuyDirectOnline hope that it is covered by a warranty that protects your investment, like the ten-year factory warranty that applies to all of our products. Plenty of offices across Australia are populated with furniture that is out-dated and whether they are structurally sound or not, their sheer age and wear and tear alone make them a potential breeding ground for bacteria and germs.
The good news is that even for those working with a modest budget, change is always possible when you choose to shop with us. We do more for our fellow Australians than any other online retailer, so if you think the time is right to replenish your old stock, then there really has never been a better time to do so.

Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy Office Furniture

Those that were putting off the purchase of office furniture for their Queensland premises may find that the chance to do so without incurring significant expense is upon them. Just recently, the Government pushed through their instant asset write-off changes, which has opened the door to so many more companies that were previously unable to avail of it.
The write-off amount has been increased from $25,000 to $30,000, effective immediately, but more significantly, this possibility is now accessible to businesses with an annual turnover of between $10 and $50 million, where previously it was only available to those with a turnover of up to $10 million.
At BuyDirectOnline, we see this as a huge opportunity for so many more businesses to revamp their tired old furniture and really do something eye-catching and dynamic with the floor space. This scheme can be used to invest in new furniture and one of the most encouraging aspects of it is that the deduction can be claimed in this financial year. That’s right, no waiting about, you can make the changes you want to your place of business today.

Need Some Office Furniture Ideas in Queensland?

While all office managers and those responsible for the physical spaces a business has at its disposal have to plan for major or even minor changes, the good news for those that would like to move quickly but are short on ideas is that by choosing us here at BuyDirectOnline you can tap into our design and manufacture expertise.
We have an ideas gallery that is chock full of inspirational, contemporary projects that could be perfect for you. What’s more, we can assist you in coming up with a brand new fit out that will set your business up for the coming years in style.
So, for the ultimate office furniture experience, Queensland businesses owners are encouraged to get in touch with BuyDirectOnline and access a world of great solutions at the best prices in the market.

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