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Looking for Office Furniture in Newcastle?

The workplace as we know it is changing rapidly to suit the ergonomic needs of employees. The positives of a modern workspace that considers both the physical and mental wellbeing of its staff are well documented and so manufacturers continually look toward new ways to make office life that little bit less stressful.

Office Furniture for the Modern Newcastle Workplace

The office furniture workplaces in Newcastle are seeking out is no different to anywhere else in the country but sometimes it’s just not possible to find the right items locally, or at the right price. Fortunately, one Australian operated and owned manufacturer and supplier,, not only offers a wide range of handcrafted, ergonomically designed products but gives all Australian customers the added benefit of delivering them completely free.

BuyDirectOnline has massive economies of scale made possible by the combined floor space of our 7 warehouses, which has enabled us to pass our substantial buying power onto our customers. This means that buyers get wholesale prices and items direct from the manufacturer’s warehouse, and delivered free of charge across all of Australia.

What’s more, a 30 day returns policy and warranties of up to 10 years combined with AFRDI and GECA certification on all of our products ensure that buying from us offers not only more for less, but peace of mind.

Traditional Desks vs. Standing Desks

Traditional Desks:

Employees usually sit for 8 hours a day at their desks. While this is convenient in terms of space saved, the impact it has on a body can be very harmful if the desk is old or simply not fit for purpose.

With the distribution of weight focused into areas that were not designed to bear such a load, studies show that this can contribute to not only back pain, or muscle stiffness, but also heart disease and, of course, mental strain. While choosing an ergonomically sound chair that allows the employee to adjust their arm height and the tilt of their seat and provides a level of comfort, mobility is also important.

Standing Desks:

These are one of the more modern choices where desks are concerned. Employees have felt more focused and energized standing at their workstation as opposed to sitting. Being on one’s feet also promotes movement, which is good for the body and this can have a knock-on effect of unconsciously burning calories while working.

However, employees beware, the wrong posture while standing at your desk might be just as damaging or harmful as sitting for the same amount of time. Footwear is also an important consideration in terms of avoiding back pain.

BuyDirectOnline’s Solution to Office Furniture

BuyDirectOnline offer height adjustable office desks that offer the ability to turn your standard desk into a standing desk at the push of a button! Shifting between the two functions the desk will encourage motion and the freedom to choose what each employee feels is best for them. Sit-stand desks come in a variety of sizes and colours and make for a completely customisable option that gives employers and employees the best of both worlds.

So if you’re looking for office furniture Newcastle businesses are increasingly turning to with a view to improving morale, productivity or simply giving your workspace a modern overhaul, have everything you’ll need, and will drop it right to your door!

What Office Furniture Says About Your Company

Every business strives to make a good first impression whenever they are engaging with the public or entertaining visitors and prospective partners at their offices. While the general public will engage with you as much or as little as your service or product demands, they make judgements on the basis of what they see within. Similarly, those potentially entering into business with you will determine how well-organised you are and what the future might hold on the basis of how orderly your workspaces are.
Therefore, office furniture is a key part of any Newcastle organisation and can help make up the minds of those that you hope to impress. But, thinking beyond the profitability in the usual ways, don’t forget that your office is the first place that your prospective new hires will engage with an environment that could be part of their future.
No matter what industry you are a part of, securing the best talent is essential to growth, development, innovation and profitability. The modern worker is looking for an organisation that takes their wellbeing into consideration, and so, the presence of old-fashioned, uncomfortable desks and office chairs that bear signs of wear and tear won’t offer much inspiration. However, an office kitted out with ergonomic furniture immediately makes your workplace somewhere that they may aspire to become a part of.

How the Government Made Upgrading Your Furniture Easier

At BuyDirectOnline, we expect that some people are concerned about the financial implication that a brand new range of office furniture will have on their bottom line for the year. However, even though you can already access the most innovative, stylish and contemporary furniture online for less in our store, the Government recently expanded the parameters of their instant asset write-off scheme.
This means that many more companies will be able to use this scheme to acquire brand new office furniture in Newcastle and beyond, but, best of all, the deduction can be claimed in this financial year. That’s right, you won’t have to wait to claim further down the road, but instead can take action now and absorb the balance into this year’s books.

Our team has been reading up on some of the ways that you can take action and make the most of this change in the Federal Budget and we have included a few ideas on the site. However, those that are a little more pressed for time are encouraged to give us a call and chat with one of our staff through write-off ideas that may be suitable.

How We Help You Save Even More

Having the luxury to suddenly revamp your office is undoubtedly exciting. At BuyDirectOnline, we want you to be able to really take advantage of the possibilities now open to your business and so we have a number of additional ways that you can save.
Our combo packages make it easy to secure the most popular items on the site, and our bulk order discounts could help you shave a few more dollars off the final bill. Finally, in terms of shipping, we have negotiated favourable rates to reduce the expense of buying office furniture for those in Newcastle. You can even use our helpful shipping rates calculator to estimate the cost as you shop.
So, for endless possibilities and opportunities to create an office space that impresses all that visit your premises, look no further than right here at BuyDirectOnline.

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