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Are You Looking for Office Furniture in the ACT?

At BuyDirectOnline.com.au, the Australian owned and operated office furniture store, we stock the widest range of office furniture ACT businesses and individuals can get at the lowest prices in the market, guaranteed! We have over 25 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying high-quality goods to the whole country that are covered by our 10-year warranties. We want to take the hassle out of sourcing, ordering and transporting office furniture, which can be a cumbersome and exhausting experience that typically demands a lot of time, cost and energy.

Office Furniture on ACT’s doorstep

We even offer the possibility to have your order delivered free of charge. What’s more, at BuyDirectOnline our stock is always available and ready to ship. Those living in the ACT will be glad to hear that there’s even a warehouse in Canberra so you won’t have to wait very long before those brand new desks, or chairs, or that stylish new motion office is on its way.

Even if you’re having difficulty deciding what style best suits your space or are stuck for ideas, take a look at the ‘project and ideas’ section on our site, or call or chat online with one of our friendly customer service team members and we’ll help you figure it all out.

Who is watching your employees’ backs?

Without staff, the majority of businesses would not be able to survive, so it makes sense that if you’re paying them to use their considerable talents to make your business thrive they deserve a workplace that looks out for their health and wellbeing. Ergonomic office furniture is fast becoming the norm in the modern workplace as studies regularly reveal that the benefits don’t just extend to the workforce but can have a major impact on a company’s profits.

If your staff sit for 8 hours a day in a chair that is unsupportive, or they have to unnecessarily exert themselves physically in order to operate their computer then in time it is likely that problems will arise. What starts as lower back pain can lead to discomfort in a person’s legs and can strain their neck. All of this has a negative impact on the employee’s mental health where they experience this discomfort on a daily basis, which breaks their focus and reduces productivity.

However, employees who are equipped with ergonomic office furniture that supports them physically tend to have a higher morale, feel that they are respected and cared for by their employers and in turn are better able to focus on their work without those troubling pains distracting them throughout the day. So, with the possibility of an increase in morale and profits, isn’t that a win-win situation you can’t afford to ignore?

No risk involved

BuyDirectOnline products are all GECA and AFRDI approved and certified, meaning that you can have confidence that they are fit for purpose and handcrafted for a sustainable future.

In cases where our customers are uncertain as to whether their items will fit their space or are suitable, we offer a 30-day risk-free trial, all you need to do is include a comment that indicates you wish to access this service and we’ll get a trial product out to you. All orders are also covered by our 30-day returns policy, which activates on receipt of the goods.

BuyDirectOnline is determined to make the process of order and supply fast and efficient and imbue the customer with confidence in our office furniture. ACT businesses and individuals deserve a service that offers the best for less, so if you’re looking for a one-stop shop that works hard to put the customer first, look no further than BuyDirectOnline.com.au.

What Your Customers Say About Your Office

Word of mouth is something that all business owners take seriously. They say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but when it comes to the reputation that your office space has, we wonder if that is actually true. Those that have looked at the office furniture that adorns their ACT premises may feel that it is functional and does the job that they need it to do. However, while functionality is, of course, important, failing to consider the alignment between your brand and the identity that your office conveys is something else.

At BuyDirectOnline, we are at the coalface in terms of modern office design. We are continually reviewing our product lines and checking out what the most popular and in-demand styles are so that we offer the greatest range of choice to our fellow Australians at the best possible prices. As such, we are more than aware of just how impactful a well-designed and thought through design can have on your image.

While your bottom line will inevitably be affected first and foremost by the quality of the products or service that you deliver, once you have a foothold in the marketplace, your brand suddenly becomes a key identifier and something that needs to translate into and is reinforced by all areas of your business. You want your customers to leave with a true sense that they are dealing with a company that knows what it is.

Is Your Old Office Furniture Going to Wind Up Costing You More?
Outside of branding and making a strong impression through the selection of great, contemporary office furniture, your ACT workspaces, when left unchanged for many years just might wind up costing you more money in the long run.

Here at BuyDirectOnline, we have been the saviours of many office managers whose furniture suddenly let them down, or succumbed to wear and tear. Our next day shipping is a valuable feature that hundreds have benefitted from to date. However, while necessity will drive immediate purchases, others may be content to patch up the problems they encounter as they arise.

The problem with this approach is that over time you end up spending more and more money on repairs and could lose key staff that are tired asking for better furniture to support their efforts. What’s more, should your furniture suddenly come apart and you set about using the warranty that’s supposed to cover it, a nasty surprise may await you.
Plenty of companies forget about the timeframe that applied with regards to the warranties that apply and so the must absorb the cost of repair once they fall outside that period. At BuyDirectOnline, our products come with a 10-year factory warranty, but the fact that they are built for a lifetime of use makes them an incredibly attractive proposition for most smart shoppers.

Do You Qualify in the ACT?

It’s easy to promote the idea of investing in a brand new look for your business and we are aware that budgets matter and make a real difference in terms of decision-making. However, with the recent expansion of the Government’s instant asset write-off scheme, there has never been a better chance for more companies to access this scheme and claim the deduction of $30k against this year’s books.
So, why not give us a call and talk about the kind of office furniture you could secure for your ACT premises and we’ll even help you out with a few ideas about how to make the most of that write-off.

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