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Here at, we have a huge range of restaurant and cafe chairs ready for you to order. Whether you are looking for a completely new design of chair or want something to match your existing decor, we can be sure to help you out! Maximising your dining space can be a pivotal role in making sure your cafe or restaurant is making a profit.Our dining chairs are both functional and stylish meaning you get the best value out of your dining furniture. Not only do our cafe chairs look great, but they are also hardwearing and built to last.

If you need to order in bulk or want to find out more information about our commercial cafe furniture and dining seating range give us a call on 1300 313 495. We’re here to help!Bistro Furniture for Sales at the Nation’s Lowest PricesIf you are in the restaurant business, then you understand just how important it is to get every single part of the customer experience right. The moment that guests arrive at your premises they are subconsciously and consciously evaluating the sign above the door, the décor, the furniture, the menu, staff and ambience. Nothing should be left to chance, and so for those that are seeking out bistro furniture for sale, you’ve come to the right place to ensure that you get the best designs at the lowest prices, guaranteed.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we are an Australian-owned and operated business, and for over two decades we have been refining our service to deliver the preeminent customer experience for those that are in the market for furniture. Regardless of whether you are a small start-up restaurant or part of a major national franchise, rest assured that we have a wide variety of choices here for you to avail of today that we are certain will not disappoint.We appreciate that no two restaurants, franchises aside, should or want to look the same.

As such, we continually update the restaurant tables and chairs we wholesale so that year-on-year, our clients can access contemporary new looks and access the materials and styles of the time.Why Plastic & Polycarbonate Cafe Chairs Are Still PopularNobody ever said that starting a business was easy.

For those that are in the process of determining exactly what their restaurant will be, what it will offer and how it will be presented, here at Buy Direct Online, we understand that your decision-making will always be at the mercy of your budgetary means. With this in mind, you may be considering polycarbonate dining table and chair options.While plastic is often frowned upon, there are advantages for those that make this choice. The first is that it is an inexpensive choice when compared to metal and wood options. What’s more, if you are a brave entrepreneur and are determined to have a retro or bold aesthetic on your premises then plastic furniture is a great way to access a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes that will deliver in style.

Naturally, those with limited numbers working for them need furniture that they can move quickly and without holding up the entire operation if needs be. Plastic is ideal on this front because it is lightweight and you won’t have to worry about chipping it or breaking it should it unexpectedly encounter stubborn obstacles. It is a relatively durable material that will provide comfort and stand up to tough weather conditions.

On that note, polycarbonate outdoor chairs are a great choice for those in areas that experience a fair bit of rainfall. You won’t have to worry about them absorbing the water or being damaged by it. However, in storm season it is always advisable to tie them down or stack and store them, so they don’t blow away!

Why We Have the Best Bistro Furniture for SaleIs it time for an overhaul for your restaurant? Or have you just purchased a restaurant and it’s time to kit it out with amazing coffee chairs, restaurant seating and more?These are exciting times and you need to find the products that will help you to really make a splash and do things right: There are lots of options out there, so why should you choose to shop with Buy Direct Online? Here’s a closer look at why we are the natural choice for your restaurant fitting needs. Our business has existed for over 25 years, and in that time, we have offered many restaurant tables and chairs wholesale. It is a point of pride for our team that we offer only the very best products. We put a lot of time and effort into researching the products that we sell, meaning that we have amassed a wide range of quality products.When you shop with us, you can rest assured that you are getting only the very best – there are no poor items here! This means that you can shop safe in the knowledge that your restaurant will have the appropriate items and that your customers will love them.

Competitive Prices on Our Cafe & Restaurant FurnitureNot only do we offer the very best office furniture, but we also offer than at the most competitive prices possible. We do this because we firmly believe that no business should have to cut corners when it comes to sourcing the essential items that they need.Our prices are so competitive because we have worked over the years to build close links with the various providers and manufacturers in our industry.

These close ties mean that we can secure the very best prices for products, and then pass those savings along to our customers.Our status as the largest online office furniture shop in Australia also means that we can buy a range of items in bulk, whether that includes commercial tables and chairs, metal café chairs or anything in-between. Our customers love our prices, and it’s one of the key reasons that we are trusted by so many thousands of customers across the country.

Cafe Chairs & Restaurant Seating Has Never Been So Affordable

Everything that we do is underpinned by wonderful customer service. We believe that if our customers are happy, everything is going in the right direction. This is why we take the initiative to delight our customers whenever we possibly can.If you have any specific needs from us or would like some specific information, it will be our pleasure to provide you with a fast and accurate response. Be sure to reach out to us using your preferred contact method. Over the years, we have worked with countless customers. We are very proud to have delighted so many of them, and we hope that you can take confidence from the fact that we have worked on so many successful projects over the years. We hope that yours is next! The Best Deals in the Outdoor Seating Business At Buy Direct Online, we appreciate that not everyone will want plastic furniture, so we encourage those shoppers to stick with us because we also have steel chairs for sale as well as a wide range of coffee and commercial tables.

A Diverse Range of Cafe Furniture for Sale in Melbourne!

In Melbourne, the main hub of coffee and culture in Australia, there is the promise of a unique and quirky coffee shop on nearly every corner. With such a diverse range of styles, it is important to find cafe furniture that suits your personality and brand. Buy Direct Online is a supplier that stocks a vast selection of cafe furniture in Melbourne, so you are guaranteed to find something to suit.

The ‘coffee capital’ infamy surrounding Melbourne is a huge reason why tourists visit the South-Eastern city, so it is important for your cafe to make a good impression. From your standard-sized chair to the taller bar stool, with options made from every material you can imagine in a rainbow of colours; it has never been easier to buy cafe furniture in Melbourne and make your shop stand out from the crowd.

From first glance, your cafe has to look bright and appealing for customers to enter and even more so once they are inside; especially when you are competing with so many other cafes in Melbourne. Cafe furniture can make all the difference; attractive and comfortable seating that stays on-brand entices customers to stay and can have an influence on whether they will return, so taking care when purchasing is beneficial.

When catering to the many customer types, it is important that you have a selection of seating that can suit everyone. The diverse range of furniture at Buy Direct Online is a great aid to your business and our 10-year warranty on all products gives cafe shops extra protection on their purchases. At, browsing cafe furniture couldn’t be easier and as we have a warehouse in Melbourne; in urgent circumstances, you can be receiving your items the very next day.

The Easy Way to Buy Cafe Furniture in Sydney!

In Sydney, residents love nothing more than to head out to a local cafe for brunch. Whether a small bite with family or a bottomless brunch, cafes are always thriving. With the cafe industry being so alive in Sydney, cafe furniture can be highly influential in the experience of customers and of whether they will return.

Buy Direct Online is proud to offer a large and diverse range of cafe furniture in Sydney and delivers the promise of finding products to suit everyone. Whether colourful and quirky, chic and monochrome or warm and comfortable; your perfect range of furniture can be found at Boasting a range of indoor and outdoor furniture, bar stools to your regular-sized chair, a basic design to unique styles, you are sure to find furniture that matches your brand and budget.

Whether catering to regular, returning customers or providing refreshment to travellers on a tour of the city, ensuring there is functional yet comfortable furniture within your cafe should be a priority. Thanks to Buy Direct Online, finding cafe furniture for sale in Sydney is easy and stress-free. We are so confident in our products that we offer a 10-year warranty, so businesses can be sure they are quality products.

Buy Direct Online has been supplying to businesses throughout Sydney for over 25 years and have amassed an impressive catalogue of 5* reviews on trusted sites such as eBay, Google and Facebook. We have offices and warehouses in each of the capital cities within Australia so there is minimal time between placing your order and receiving your products. In urgent circumstances, even next day delivery is achievable, so your cafe and customers never have to be left short.

Discover Quality and Affordable Cafe Furniture for Sale in Adelaide!
An up and coming contender for providing the best coffee in Australia, Adelaide provides a fresh and revived cafe scene. Whether customers are visiting your cafe to socialise, for a quick refreshment or as an alternative space for working, it is important to provide adequate furniture for optimum function and comfort. For a diverse range of attractive yet affordable cafe furniture in Adelaide, look no further than Buy Direct Online.

It is well known that throughout the year, the weather in Southern Australia can be unpredictable. Furniture for cafes, especially if there is the option of outdoor seating needs to be able to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Our diverse range of cafe furniture at Buy Direct Online includes sturdier products that can withstand the rain as well as UV resistant furniture which is more suitable for the summer months. Come rain or shine, we have you covered.

Whether your business specialises in breakfasts, lunches or simply hot drinks and smaller bites, you are sure to find a variety of cafe furniture that suits your décor, your personality and your brand at Buy Direct Online. For outdoors or indoors, lounging or perching; we have the perfect products to accentuate your business in Adelaide. Cafe Furniture shopping at is a reliable, trusted and professional process and we are proud to have amassed a wealth of 5* testimonials throughout our 25 years in the industry.

Not only do we provide a selection of care furniture comprised of hundreds of styles ranging from generic and practical through to unique and quirky, but our products also come at affordable prices and with a 10-year warranty. The benefit of having warehousing in Adelaide means that you can be setting up your furniture the very next day after purchasing. With Buy Direct Online, it has never been easier to buy cafe furniture in Adelaide.

So, look no further than right here at Buy Direct Online when you want fast delivery, 30-day returns, warranties of up to 10 years and a price beat guarantee that assures you of the best deal in the business.