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We have in-stock and ready to dispatch a number of restaurant and cafe furniture items. Browse our complete range below to find the perfect pieces to match your dining space. We have both dining tables and chairs for commercial use, as well outdoor and bar furniture for more versatile eating environments. Making sure your customers are comfortable whilst eating should be your primary focus when thinking about ordering new restaurant or cafe furniture. have both functional dining furniture that is stackable and hard wearing, to more bespoke pieces that can give your diners a truly unique experience.

We also have display cases and cabinets for catering purposes, along with a range of stainless steel work benches for use in the kitchen area. If you are looking to buy in bulk or have any questions about our cafe furniture or our complete commercial furniture range, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and we can help you with making your purchase.
Optimal Selection of Café Furniture

Café furniture is one of the more exciting lines of furniture that we carry and that we are pleased to be able to offer you, from our latest collection. While good food and friendly staff are what keep your clientele coming back, the right environment is most likely what attracts them to your establishment in the first place.

One of the exciting things about furniture for a café shop is the vast array of styles and themes that can be applied in designing the decor. As one of the leading café furniture suppliers in Sydney, at Buy Direct Online we stock a wide variety of pieces to suit your demands.
Styling Café Furniture

If you are starting your café from scratch, or you are refurbishing your present establishment, there will be a number of basic things to consider before making your purchases. Some of these would include:

Your location – your location will mostly dictate your clientele.
Your clientele – who do you hope to attract?
Your size – how much space do you have allocated?
Your environment – Is it an indoor or outdoor cafĂ©, or a combination?
Your budget – what are you prepared to spend?

If it is an established business that you are looking to give a make-over, this is a perfect opportunity to recreate your ambience, and give your café a new lease of life.

Cafe Furniture To Suit Your Clientele

Once you have decided what you wish to see happen in your space, picking out your furniture is the next step. If your café is in a quiet and sophisticated area where your clientele will more likely have time for a leisurely coffee, then comfortable seating would be ideal.

If your café is located in a busy centre of town, then furniture that’s more suitable for a quick snack or coffee and that is relatively comfortable would be ideal. If you are located in an industrial area, you may be feeding hungry labourers who will more likely pay very little attention to the decor, and there is likely to be high turnover of clients, then functional would be the right choice for you.

An outdoor bistro style café is better suited to rattan or wicker furniture, that is both comfortable and outdoor stylish, but should be UV and weather resistant. Café tables should primarily be sturdy and if possible, easily folded, or disassembled.

Table shapes will depend on the space and style you have designed, and will primarily be made of wood, or have laminate tops. Your choice of table material will often be decided by your choice of chairs.
The important thing when choosing your café furniture besides the functionality is to decide on your theme and ensure that everything comes together to create the perfect ambience that you wish for your clients.

While your decor won’t on its own attract your clientele, it will go a long way in making them feel comfortable and at home. To ensure you have the widest choice of café furniture wholesale options available, speak to us and let us help you choose the right furniture for your establishment.

We will be happy to help with design ideas, inform you on the materials, and discuss your budget, to ensure that you create a friendly, comfortable and functional establishment. Give us a call on 1300 313 495 or send us an online enquiry.