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Ergonomic Office Chairs Melbourne

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Looking for Ergonomic Office Chairs in Melbourne?

It is often the case that what starts out as a hobby can suddenly start to turn a profit and become a lucrative endeavour. Many people who have followed their dreams, or simply worked at what they were passionate about end up gaining recognition for it and before very long it becomes a very legitimate way to live and keep the wolf from the door. Here at BuyDirectOnline.com.au, we recognise that not all users of office furniture are sitting in large offices, and so we offer ergonomic office chairs that Melbourne stay at home workers and the self-employed can avail of at the most affordable price tags in Australia.

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Melbourne

We manufacture our own products, all of which are AFRDI and GECA certified and approved, which means that you can shop with confidence in the knowledge that you are not only buying a quality handcrafted product but one that was built with a sustainable future in mind.

At BuyDirectOnline we are also mindful of the expense that a self-employed person may be faced with when striking out on their own and so we offer a price beat guarantee, where if over the course of your shop around you find a better price than we’ve advertised, we will beat it, or, if in the unlikely event that we don’t have that item in stock, we will upgrade you to the next model in that series, at no additional cost.

As an Australian owned and operated company our goal is to offer a hassle-free, friendly service to our fellow citizens, as over 250,000 satisfied customers will testify.

Home vs Coffee House vs Hot Desk

When you are out on your own in the world, to begin with, it may not be absolutely necessary to have a desk and chair in your home. There are plenty of alternatives out there in terms of coffee houses that you can work in for a couple of hours, as well as hot desks in shared workspaces. However, as you well know, there are negatives to not having your own space.

There is a certain level of stress that builds the longer you’re sitting in a coffee house. You ordered that large Americano about three hours ago and finished it about two and a half hours ago, and for some reason you’re starting to feel the eyes of the staff on you, wondering if you’ll buy again.

At five days a week all of those coffees and cakes add up and put an avoidable squeeze on your wallet. What’s worse, those soft cushion seats they use weren’t built for long-term sitting.

In a shared workspace the reality is that you’ve no control over who you will be set up next to. This person might be a talker or might be on the phone a lot throughout the day, or the office itself might be undergoing a facelift that suddenly increases the noise and frequency of disturbances throughout the day. You also have to travel in, park and face the traffic again on the way home.

Take the plunge – Invest in an Ergonomic Office Chair!

Ultimately you may decide you need a home office and that’s where BuyDirectOnline.com.au will prove to be the ultimate one-stop shop for all you need. We guarantee the best prices so you know you’ll spend less with us than anywhere else in the country with the added benefit of a warranty of up to 10 years, and confidence that you’ve chosen from the best selection of ergonomic office chairs Melbourne has to offer.

Buy Your Ergonomic Office Chairs In Melbourne From Buy Direct Online
If you are an office manager or business owner, we all want our staff to be as comfortable as they possibly can be when working in the office. When you think that we are in our offices for usually around eight hours a day, you want to make it a great atmosphere and environment that people like to come in to. When you have happy and satisfied staff, you are much more likely to have a productive and efficient business! This is why you need to invest in ergonomic office chairs if you have an office in Melbourne.
Ergonomic office furniture is simply about buying furniture that will make your office as comfortable as it can be and will reduce things in the office such as back or neck strain. As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that your staff receive this and below we are taking you through some of our advice when buying office furniture that is ergonomic.

Tips When Buying Ergonomic Office Chairs

Here are some of our top tips for you when buying office furniture:

Comfort Comes First – When buying ergonomic furniture, the first thing that you need to consider is comfort. When you are going to be sitting in the same place for hours upon hours each day, it better be comfortable, or your staff will not be happy! Having office chairs that help improve your posture and support your back is great as they not only help with comfort, but they can also help to reduce health implications.
They Have To Be Practical – We’ve all been there where we are out shopping and we buy something that we really like, however, in real life it really is not that practical. This is a common mistake made when buying office furniture. For example, when buying an office chair, if you have limited space take this into consideration as you could end up making your office feel too small with chairs that are far too big for the space.
Keep Clutter At Bay – Lastly, you will need to choose a great computer desk to go along with your chair. We would recommend opting for a desk that has enough storage so you can put things away rather than having them distract you whilst you are trying to work.

How You Can Get In Contact With Us

Getting in touch with the team here at Buy Direct Online is super easy to do and there are two different options available to you. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you! To get in touch with us instantly, simply hit the live chat button on the bottom corner of the screen to start chatting to our staff. Your second option is to give us a call on 1300 313 495 and a member of our team will be happy to talk to you about any questions you have regarding our office furniture.

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