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Computer Chairs for Sale

Are you thinking of purchasing a computer chair? If you are, we are happy that you have found us. At Buy Direct Online we stock a large selection of chairs to suit every need. Selecting the right computer chair is essential not just as a functional part of your workstation, making the right choice is also vital to maintaining your health as well. Recent studies have in recent times revealed the need to buy computer chairs that offer the right back support, and that support proper circulation.

Sitting for Extended Hours

It has been proven that sitting for long hours on a chair that provides you with little, or incorrect support leads to serious health problems. If you work demands that you spend long hours seated, you should look to selecting a computer chair that will allow you to work comfortably, while preventing you from developing health issues.

Remaining seated for extended hours will increase your risk for obesity and weight gain, certain cancers, reduced skeletal muscle mass, raised blood pressure and increased cholesterol. In addition, you will most certainly develop back and posture problems, especially if your chair does not offer the correct support.

Finding the right chair is important in ensuring that you minimise these risks. As suppliers of quality computer chairs in Australia, we stock a large selection that offers both sturdy support and comfort, to get you comfortably seated.

Finding The Right Computer Chair For You

It is important to know how to select the right computer chair for yourself.

Ideally, your chair’s height should not be less than, nor exceed a fourth of your total height.

Your chair should also make a good fit for your body, being neither too small nor too large.

When seated, your feet should rest comfortably on the ground. Your chair should ideally have adjustable height settings to allow you to do this.

You should ensure that your seat is wider than your hips and that the depth is neither too deep nor too shallow.

You should ensure that the chair supports your lower back.

Having a chair that swivels is convenient and practical.

A well-padded seat assures your comfort.

Choosing a chair with a wide base gives it extra stability,

A backrest that will mould to your body will ensure you maintain good posture.

Arm supports help to alleviate fatigue while giving your back additional support.

Get The Best Computer Chairs From Buy Direct Online

Looking for the best computer chair on the market? Then you can stop the search now as here at Buy Direct Online we offer the very best array of chairs and we are sure that we will have one here that you absolutely fall in love with. At Buy Direct Online, you can expect a high-quality chair, fast delivery, great value for money and amazing options. What more could you ask for?
If you are looking to replace an office chair but are not quite sure yet if it really needs to go, carry on reading to find out what the biggest signs are that your chair needs to be replaced with one of our brilliant new ones!

Signs You Need To Replace Your Computer Chair

Office furniture can be expensive and before buying new furniture, you will want to make sure that you have had good use out of the furniture you had previously. If your computer chair is starting to look a little worn and tired, then you may need to consider replacing it. Here, we are talking about the top signs that show your chair needs to be replaced.

Age – sometimes there is no other major reason simply other than age. A good time scale is to make sure that you are replacing your computer chair roughly every five years. Why? Well, when you are sitting on your chair for so many hours per day, the chair’s cushioning can start to look a little flat and the support that it once had for your back may no longer be there. If you feel that you are sinking into your chair too much, then look at getting a new one here at Buy Direct Online.
Your Body – If your chair is giving you pain from sitting there all day long, then this is another reason as to why you should definitely change it. As humans, we were never designed to sit at a computer desk for 8 + hours per day and this can cause aches and pains in our body. While you may have previously purchased a comfortable, ergonomic chair, it may no longer serve its purpose and it is better to get rid of it. Don’t let a chair that was supposed to help you become a hindrance!

Questions About Our Computer Chairs?

Are you ready to purchase one of our fantastic chairs? Not only do we have a huge range of chairs to choose from, we also have an array of office furniture such as home office desks and computer desks too, all of which can be delivered to you for free and we offer next day delivery on many of our items! As the biggest online furniture store here in Australia, there is no one else better to shop from. Get in touch with our team if you have any queries on 1300 313 495 or we have a live chat function that you can find right here on the screen.

Our selection of computer chairs come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and materials. And we’ve selected each chair because we strongly believe that the combined elements of style, practicality and comfort are represented in each one we have in our collection.

If you are looking to buy computer chairs, do not hesitate to give us a call on1300 313 495 or get in touch with us online if you have any queries or need further advice, and our customer service team will be more than happy to help.