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Folding Step Ladders

Folding Step Ladders with Handrails

One of the most useful pieces of equipment to have around any office or building is a step ladder with a handrail. Throughout the year there are countless little things that need tending to, and when they involve heights that are just out of reach or require a standing on tip-toes, it makes sense to have this handy little product on-hand and ready to use. Even if maintenance is not the order of the day, employees benefit from its presence where they need access to files in a cabinet or just wish to gain an optical overview of their work as they plan.

Are You Looking For A Folding Step Ladder?

Here at Buy Direct Online, as an Australian-owned and operated supplier of the best office solutions on the market, we make it possible for our customers to buy a step ladder online at a significantly reduced rate. Given the fact that we do not have any major factory overheads or expenses to factor in, we are in the enviable position of being able to pass our savings onto our customers.

Some of the biggest and most well-known brands and companies regularly choose us when they need to find products and solutions that are of a high standard of quality and come complete with warranties that ensure them the peace of mind needed when they make their investment.

How to Maintain Your 4 Step Ladder

A 4 step ladder is a good choice for those that need immediate access and does not have the space to carry a large ladder through without disrupting the day for everyone in the office. Whether you need it for filing purposes, painting, decorating or for your cleaning staff to complete their work the large, slip-proof steps make them very safe and easy to use.

Here at Buy Direct Online, we believe that when you have a product that serves you well it is worth taking care of it so that you benefit from its fantastic features for as many years as possible. Where step ladders are concerned, it is always worthwhile ensuring that moving parts such as hinges are well-oiled, or lubricated, to ensure you get a smooth action each time.

Furthermore, a clear rust proof solution ensures that your metal ladder does not succumb to exposure to damp or wet, and taking the time to clean and dry the steps and frame helps to prevent corrosion. Naturally, it, therefore, makes sense to store it away in a dry area for the best long-term usage.

Safety First – Why Every Business Needs A Step Ladder

Slips, trips and falls are consistently the core reason behind workplaces injuries in Australia every year, resulting in musculoskeletal injuries, cuts, bruises, fractures and dislocations, and even more serious situations. Most of these injuries are easily preventable once workplaces have the right equipment in place. One such piece of equipment that we believe should be a staple item in every workplace is a safety step ladder or stool.

There simply isn’t a workplace that exists where the need to grab something from up high or to work at a height is never required. Yet such situations can present some of the greatest safety hazards unless you can provide staff with a step ladder. Cleaning equipment or surfaces, fetching or storing stock, reaching for files – there are so many instances where someone may need to add a little height to get what they need or complete a task.

The “safety first” approach is always best in business, and having a simple 4 step ladder or folding step stool on site can go a long way to protect your employees from preventable slips and falls. Here at Buy Direct Online, you can easily buy a quality, sturdy folding step ladder to safeguard your employees and your business.

Shop for Step Ladders with Buy Direct Online

Our online store provides the easiest way to buy a step ladder online from a reputable provider. We sell and supply a sturdy, rugged steel frame 4 step ladder with handrail and anti-slip protection. Each step can support up to 150kg in weight, yet the overall step ladder frame is quite lightweight. As a folding step ladder, it is easily transportable, folding up and locking into place so you can quickly and simply store away. It won’t take up much space yet can go a long way to protecting employees and satisfying safety guidelines.

If you don’t have a need for a step ladder, at the very least, your business needs to have a step stool. Our premium rolling step stool can support up to 150k in weight and ensures your staff can easily reach high places. The automatically locking wheels ensures the stool stays in place when someone is standing on it yet can easily rolled around the workspace when needed to be transported and used in other areas.

Both step ladder and step stool are constructed not only to ensure maximum safety but maximum durability – did we mention they are super affordably priced too?

Buy Direct Online – Your Go-Store For Business Furniture and Equipment

As Australia’s largest online office furniture store, our product range extends far beyond step ladders and stools. We provide all the furniture items you need for any office or business space – as well as for the home! From office massage chairs to multi-person desks, workstations to café chairs, whiteboards and screens to tables and aged care lift chairs and much, much more, when you think furniture, think Buy Direct Online.

Can’t find what you need? Our expert team are always on hand to help, answering any queries you may have. Just give us a call today on 1300 313 495 or email [email protected] for guidance and assistance.

A Reputation Earned

At Buy Direct Online, our step ladders come with a 3-year factory warranty, which gives you that little extra peace of mind that should anything go wrong in the short term you won’t have to re-invest in a brand new product all over again.

Our reputation as the number one e-retailer in Australia has been earned over the past 20 years, and we are incredibly proud and grateful to say that we have served upwards of 250,000 customers. So, whether you are looking for a sturdy 4 step ladder or a folding step stool, browse the products on offer here at Buy Direct Online and access the lowest prices in Australia!

Steel Ladder Foldable Anti Slip 4 Step A Frame Ladders
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Steel Ladder Foldable Anti Slip 4 Step A-Frame Ladders  This foldable non-slip step-ladder is reliable and a must-have around the house or office. Safety features of this four-step ladder include non-slip steps with rubber surfaces and dual handrails. The step-ladder is foldable and light..
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