Trestle Table Assembly Guide

Trestle Table Assembly Guide
Quick Visual Assembly Guide


1) Start with the table top, place it on a flat surfaces with the best side facing down make sure you have some sort of protection like a rug or some cardboard to protect the top while you fix the legs to the underside. All tops are supplied with no holes or markings for the legs this is because the tops are universal and used for many different frame types.


2) Unpack the legs, black brackets and screws that are all provided see above.


3) Fit the black bushes to the legs, one of these goes on each end of the legs as per the above picture. You will need to knock these on with a rubber mallet preferably if not use a hammer but put some protection between the hammer and the plastic like a rag. Once these are all fitted you are ready to fix them to the top


4) Place both frames on to the underside of the table top like the picture above.


5) Please check the folding mechanism and make sure it is positioned like the picture above, these can only go this way otherwise the legs will not fold out and lock in place correctly. Please make sure you look at this picture carefully and ensure your locking mechanism is placed on the top exactly like the image.



6) Now you need a tape measure to position the frames on the top before fixing them, the frames can be fitted to the top to suit your application this is the beauty of having no predrilled holes. We recommend having the frame positioned equally from side to side so that it is in the middle and set in from the end of the top. Above we have 2 pictures which illustrate fitting the frames to a 1500 x 750mm top. This first picture shows measuring in 165mm from the end of the top to the black bracket.

Second picture shows measuring in from the side of the top to make sure the frame is positioned equally and in the center we have found this measurement for a 750mm wide top would be around 165mm on both sides.



7) Now that the frames have been positioned on the top they can be fixed straight to the top with the self-tapping timber screws that are provided, please use a power or battery screw gun to do this. See below the black brackets need to be fixed and so does the metal plate that is part of the mechanism. Once this has been done your table is ready for use.

Important note:
When setting these tables up for the first time please make sure you get the lock on the folding mechanism to correctly click into position, this is a heavy duty locking system and when they are new they are often tight so please check this carefully otherwise the legs may fold back under the weight of the top.

Steps to follow when setting the tables up:

1) Place the tables on there side so the longest side is on the ground with the legs facing you.
2) Fold out the legs one at a time and make sure the lock on the mechanism is in position as this holds the legs in the locked position when in use
3) Once this is done the table can then be flipped onto the legs
4) Ready for use