Conservatory Reception Assembly Guide

Counter fully assembled

Conservatory Reception Counter Desk
Quick Visual Assembly Guide

Numbered Parts
A = Front panel C = Right hand side panel E = Hob top
B = Left hand side panel D = Desktop


 camlock_fmt1  6holeLbracket_fmt  wood-screw_fmt1  DSC06455_fmt
Cam Lock
QTY: 6
6-Hole L-Bracket
Flat Head Screw
60mm Grommet
 klix-cam_fmt1  DSC06461_fmt1  wood-screw-round_fmt1  DSC06456_fmt1
Klix Cam
QTY: 6
Headless Screw
QTY: 6
Round Head Screw
QTY: 24
 Metal Support Post
QTY: 6


 adjustable-glide_fmt IMPORTANT!
Screw in adjustable glide under front counter part and the left and right sides.You won’t be able to this step after assembly because the counter is very heavy.

Step 1. Using a Phillips head screw driver fasten cam lock screws in to pre-drilled holes on the curved counter front. Only fit the 6 pins as per the above picture.


Step 2. Insert klix cam in to left and right counter sides and join in to cam lock on the curved counter. Once you have pushed the side to the front turn klix cam clockwise to lock the side. Do the same to the other side.


Step 3. Attach 3, 6-hole brackets with wood screws to curved counter (A). From the center, mark 550mm left and right to position brackets in the correct place. The holes are not pre-drilled so please use the self tapping timber screws supplied.


Step 4. From the ground measure 680mm and attach the first bracket in the center of the counter. Step 5. Observe top of the bracket.
DSC_0037b_fmt 03b_fmt

Step 6. L-brackets attached. Next step is to attach brackets to left and right sides (B) (C) before lowering counter top (D).


Step 7. Lower counter top (D) on to L-brackets. Fasten top from underneath with self tapping wood screws.


Step 8. Insert headless screws half way in to the counter top.


Step 9. All of the headless screws half way inserted.


Step 10. Next step is attaching metal support posts for hob top.


Step 11. Attach all metal support posts.


Step 12. All 6 metal support posts attached. Place the hob top on to metal support post. Align the top so the metal support posts, hob top overhang is equal on all sides before fastening screws.


Step 13. Use rounded wood screws to attach the hob top from underneath. Fasten screws at a slight angle.



Assembly Complete!
We hope this made it easier for you to put together,
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