Back Care Guide

Avoid down time, medical costs and sick leave.
Ensure your workstation is ergonomically set up
with the right furniture for the job.
A recent worldwide study conducted by the University of Sydney shows that back pain is the most commonly recorded work place injury, ranking higher than any other condition. In Australia alone, back pain costs around $4.8 billion each year for health care, with 25% of sufferers in the 18-55 age group taking 10 or more days off per year. Many back injuries can arise from awkward positions and poor workstation set up.Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause low back pain or worsen an existing back problem. This is because sitting in an office chair is a static posture than increases stress on the back, torso and legs. Sitting in an office chair in particular can add large amounts of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs.Work station setup is incredibly important for not only productivity but also for minimising the risk of injury or developing conditions. Below are some products which are found to improve your ergonomic office setup. Each person is individual and their needs will depend on their role and their own circumstances. To the right is a guide to correct workstation setup. This helps you to identify what areas you can improve your working environment and often what products you need to purchase to help minimise the risk of strain and injury.
Workstation Setup

Correct Ergonomic Chair and Desk setup

Ergonomic Back Care Spine Damage

Our Goal

We set out in 2003 to engineer and design an office chair to specifically meet the needs of people with back pain and to help relieve back pain while sitting. We consulted with many industry experts to perfect the product that so many Australians have come to love and sit upon.

If each person was built the same and required to do the same work it would be easy to design one chair to suit. Unfortunately everyone is different and we vary in what we do and how we do it. It is therefore important for people who are seated for prolonged periods to have as much flexibility in the task as well as the workstation to allow them to be functionally productive. One relevant aspect is to have a chair with flexible adjustments which cater for the variable body habitats of the worker or workers as the one workstation maybe used by more than one worker.

Professor Norman A. Bradhurst
Musculoskeletal Physician
Flinders University


Ergonomic Police Chair Setup

Seat for the Body

The science and benefits of ergonomics are best displayed in a chair which has maximal adjustment and function. This allows the chair to provide correct support to the body and maintain a comfort zone for the duration of the task. Solitaire seating’s Sapphire Police Chair (pictured) is engineered to be multifunctional enabling most body shapes and sizes to be seated comfortably by addressing the needs of the individual. 


  1. Height adjustable seat (H)
  2. Pivoting seat angle (SA)
  3. Back angle adjustment (BA)
  4. Height adjustable back (B)
  5. Bearing point castors (C)
  6. Seat slide (S) optional

  1. Comfort Cell Technology
  2. Injection moulded foam
  3. Fire retardant foam
  4. Heat dispersion foam
  5. 10 year warranty
  6. AS/NZS 4438:1997 complient
  7. AFRDI level 6 components
  8. Rated to 150kg
I have found that the Sapphire Ergonomic Adjustable Chair meets all the requirements for a large range of body shapes and sizes. It has superior seat width and the thickly moulded seat and back rest provide excellent comfort. It makes the task of setting employees up ergonomically correctly with improved posture much easier.
B Shaw.
Occupational Health Advisor
SA Police

Task Chairs recommended by Physiotherapists
Sapphire Fully Ergonomic Chair Delta Ergonomic Office Chair Express Deluxe Ergonomic Chair Energy Mesh Ergonomic Chair

Sapphire Fully Ergonomic Chair

Delta Ergonomic Office Chair

Express Deluxe Ergonomic Chair

Energy Mesh Office Chair

Comfort Cell Ergonomic Technology

Comfort Cell Technology
Comfort Cell Technology is a block of softer density foam inserted into the seat under the base of the spine, surrounded by firmer density foam. This is the result of “in depth research” with Occupational Therapists and considerable development to find the perfect combination of foam density. The Comfort Cell cushions the base of the spine while the surrounding firmer density foam holds the correct sitting position preventing the pelvis from slipping forward into a “bad posture” position. The result is that a “good posture” sitting position is maintained effortlessly all day reducing back aches, headaches, shoulder and neck fatigue and promoting healthy well being and performance. The “Waterfall” seat front completes the therapeutic effect by facilitating blood circulation behind the thighs.

Foot Rests & Back Cushions

When looking at a proper workstation set up, your legs and feet can often be overlooked. Footrests provide additional support, not only for the vertically challenged but for all users who sit at the desk for long periods of time. Footrests ensure that your feet are firmly on the ground and supporting your waist and spine, evenly distributing the weight and making for a more comfortable sitting position. Footrests can help prevent blood clots related to deep vein thrombosis, relieve pressure in the lower back and can decrease swelling and varicose veins. 

If your chair is lacking the additional lumbar support that you require for a more ergonomic setup, and upgrading to a superior chair isn’t an option then something like our Lumbar Support products is well worth a shot. Available to suit a range of chairs and situations they come in a variety of designs including mesh to keep your back cool while working and our pump-up lumbar supports which offer a wider range of tension. Lumbar support is important to ensuring you don’t slouch in your chair and that your spine is properly supported.

Some of our range:
Pump Up Lumbar Support Ergonomic Foot Stool Mesh Lumbar Support Z-Rest Ergonomic Foot Stool

Pump up Lumbar Support

Ergonomic Foot Stool

Mesh Lumbar Support

Z-Rest Foot Stool

Kneeling Chairs & Saddle Stools

Kneeling chairs can reduce lower back strain by dividing the burden of the user’s weight between the knees and buttocks. People with tailbone pain resulting from extended periods sitting are common candidates for such chairs. A common misconception is that the main weight of the user is on the knees, meaning that users with bad knees are unable to use kneeling chairs. In a proper kneeling position the majority of the weight remains on the buttocks and some on the shins. The knee rest is primarily designed to keep the user from falling out of his chair.
Saddle stools improve posture by strengthening the back. It improves balance by spreading the user’s hips apart, stabilising the pelvis and allowing the body to relax. It can alleviate back, neck, hip and arm pain by allowing the body to correct anatomically. Many of our saddle seats allow you to sit up higher, making it easier to get up and down. It also makes you more mobile, giving the user a further reach. Our stools are also mobile, making them perfect for jobs where you need to frequently rotate or move around such as receptionists, dentists, physiotherapists and more. 
Our best selling Saddle Stools & Kneeling Chairs:
Salli Job Ergonomic Saddle Stool Ergonomic Kneeling Chair BDO Ergonomic Saddle Stool Physioflex 3 Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Salli Job Saddle Stool

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

BDO Saddle Stool

Physioflex III Kneeling Chair

Standing & Height Adjustable Desks

Standing desks are a great alternative to conventional workstations. These desks are dynamic and can suit the user, allowing for use as a conventional sitting desk, leaning or as a standing desk. Standing has been shown to burn more calories than using a conventional desk as well as improving posture. Many of our customers find that a combination of standing and sitting serves them well, allowing them to diversify their working style and refocus on their work. Our standing desks can be manually adjusted or motorised depending on your needs.
Some of our Standing Desks Available:
Altex 100 Height Adjustable Desk Altex Height Adjustable Corner Desk Ergo-Rise Manual Height Adjustable Desk Talkitup! Electric Height Adjustable Meeting Table

Altex 100 Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Altex Corner Workstation Electric

Ergo-Rise Manual Height Adjustable Desk

Talkitup! Electric Height Adjustable Meeting Table

Standing Mats, Stools & Accessories

We have found that it is not advisable to stand still for an 8 hour period, the benefits of standing are significantly increased by interspersing physical activity, stretches and breaks throughout your working day. We have a range of mats and stools which can allow you to access the benefits of using a standing desk while also allowing you to rest from standing. 

Our standing mats disperse the weight evenly and can take the pressure away from your spine, shoulders and feet. Our stools are height adjustable, being able to be used for sitting and standing. Our range of foot stools can also be used for standing desks, providing a platform to vary your standing position and stretch your muscles out. 
Standing Desk Accessories:
Muvman by Aeris Sit/Stand Stool Arise Stand Soft Mat Standing Desk Perch Stool Up Sit Stand Ergonomic Desk

Muvman Sit/Stand Stool

Arise Stand Soft Mat

Perch Stool

Up Sit Stand Desk

This year I am spending a lot of time at home studying and needed a
more ergonomic desk. Enter the Ergo-rise height adjustable desk.
It’s easily adjustable, so it’s always the perfect height for me, sitting or standing.
My back is thanking me already – a worthwhile investment!
Heather T.