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Ball Chairs

Ball Chairs Available Now At

If you are looking for ball chairs, then look no further! We have ball chairs available at with many great features to make your workday more enjoyable and productive.

These ball chairs are height adjustable so they can be used by children or adults of different heights, they allow swivel motion which makes them comfortable to use all day long, and the ball chair is an easy way to tone up your core muscles while working on a computer!

If you're not convinced that these ball chairs are the best option for you then check out our other types of office seating here on our website!

Have a ball at your workstation both figuratively and literally! As enjoyable to use as it is to look at. They can assist in toning up your core muscles whilst at work while being easily height adjustable and allowing for swivel motion while seated!

These unique types of office seating are great for break-out areas and are great conversational pieces. If you are looking for something a little bit more conventional then check out our wider range of office seating.

What Are The Benefits Of Ball Chairs?

In recent years ball chairs have been growing in popularity as an alternative to your typical office chair. In fact, the ball chair is the perfect option for those who suffer from back pain and can help strengthen core muscles which will improve posture at work or home! The ball on a ball chair allows you to easily rock/swivel while seated.

Greater Ergonomic Benefits

Similar to a saddle chair ball chairs allow the user to adopt an ergonomic position and benefit from a better posture. Conventional desk chairs sometimes promote a user to slouch or lounger for hours when not set up correctly. The long term effects of this can cause back and neck pain later on in life.

A ball chair forces the user to sit in an upright position, engaging the core promoting a healthier spine position and a better overall posture.

Exercise While You Work

Sitting on a ball chair can give you the opportunity to easily carry out some exercises during brief breaks. These micro workouts can help boost your productivity and focus whilst at your desk. You may even burn some additional calories while you're working away on a ball chair as well!

Ball chairs are particularly beneficial to employees working at doctors surgeries, dentists, healthcare settings, hairdressers or design studios.

Why Order A Ball Chair From has been supplying office chairs and furniture to the Australian market for over 25 years. An owned and operated Australian company, we offer a great range of ball chairs and office seating for homes, schools and businesses.

Ready for next day dispatch, our ball chairs can be in your office within a matter of days. If you're looking to order in bulk and want to discuss a large quantity discount. Please get in contact with one of our furniture experts today and they can help you process your order.

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