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Mobile Tub Chairs with Wheels

Mobile Tub Chairs for Sale Online in Australia

Not all office furniture is created equal. While we all would love to be able to have the benefit of our favourite leather chair in every single room whenever we want, it just is not feasible.

Mobile Tub Chair Available To Buy Online

Size and weight considerations make all the difference and so choosing where to put our favourite items to maximise usage and enjoyment can be a tricky proposition. However, a mobile tub chair, as the name suggests, seeks to negate this problem by delivering a stylish look, comfortable seat and the flexibility to move it on a whim without having to call in the heavy lifters.

A Huge Range of Mobile Tub Chairs for Sale Online

At Buy Direct Online, we make these exceptionally popular chairs a much more affordable proposition than any other supplier in Australia. We are Aussie-owned and operated, so we look out for customers and reward them for their faith and loyalty to us over the past 20 plus years.

With over 250,000 satisfied customers on our books, this has enabled us to grow over time, and as things stand, we currently have warehouses in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin, Canberra and Brisbane. This, of course, means that we have significant advantages in terms of shipping quickly and given that our overheads are so low, we like to pass our saving onto you.

Adaptability of the Mobile Tub Chair

If you are looking to buy a tub chair online, then you have come to the right place. Here at Buy Direct Online, we have a wide range of colours and styles, which ensures that you have a massive selection of choice and can find the exact kind of chair you need no matter where you are planning to put it.

Tub chairs are a staple of the living rooms of countless homes all around the country. They are a very versatile choice and can add a new dimension and sense of drama to the existing décor where you decide to go with a colour that is in contrast with what you have, or to create a sense of identity in different parts of the room.

Those that work from home may engage clients in their workspace from time to time, and so it is advisable to have a visitor tub chair in place that offers comfort and makes them feel like they can relax while you discuss projects or get into the nitty-gritty of the work they want you to do for them. Just make sure you give it a clean every now and again so that it maintains its eye-catching elegance.

Not everyone wants to read in bed, and so having a chair in your room that you can comfortably curl up in and lose yourself in that novel or magazine you just bought is the perfect alternative. 

Looking for a mobile tub chair for sale?

The old saying “working hard, or hardly working?” is an age old office joke that we’ve all likely encountered at least once in our lives and, of course, no boss or manager ever wants to hear the latter, but what about working smart?

Working smart and spending smart are the best ways to increase productivity throughout the day. Instead of demanding overtime out of employee’s and lowering morale and job satisfaction, take a look at the small things throughout the day that cause frustration and start to eliminate them.

One big example is discomfort and poor ergonomics; if an employee is in constant discomfort they are inherently going to be less productive than a comfortable, engaged employee. Providing comfortable seating for all aspects of the office is a great way to start! Having suitable comfortable lunchroom chairs, training chairs, computer chairs and mobile tub chairs will go a long way in increasing productivity levels within your organisation.

So why should you buy mobile tub chairs? What are the advantages? Tub chairs are an extremely practical seating choice to have because they are comfortable for short periods and are designed to keep people engaged. They are easy to store and, if you opt for the mobile version, you can save visitors time and discomfort by just wheeling over an extra chair for them.

Also, as many of these types of chairs are not upholstered, they tend to be easier to keep clean which is a big plus for those offices that experience high levels of traffic.

What Makes Us The Best Choice?

Here at Buy Direct Online our biggest aim is to provide fellow Australians with great products that are built to last, be stylish and perform with excellence.

We pride ourselves on having the most cost effective delivery service anywhere in Australia and we also have the largest selection of home and office furniture on the continent. We love what we do and our passion for helping our customers shines through in the products and the service that we deliver.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, from selling to manufacturing to office outfitting, if it involves office furniture, we’ve done it. There is nothing we love more than passing our years of experience and passion on to our customers to help make sure they love their purchases as much as we do!

I’m Ready to Order a Mobile Tub Chair

Glad to hear, and may we be the first to welcome you to the Buy Direct family! If you have any questions about our website, ordering process, inventory or shipping please feel free to call us anytime at 1300 313 495.

If you find an item on another site that is priced lower than in ours we offer a price match guarantee, and if we don’t carry the exact model you’re looking for, we will upgrade you to the next model up, free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to help make your office dreams come true!

Better Deals on Mobile Tub Chairs Guaranteed

At Buy Direct Online, part of our success is down to the price beat guarantee that we have in place. This ensures that you can confidently approach us if you find a product elsewhere at better prices than we advertise and know that we will beat it, which will save you a few extra bucks. We have complete belief and faith in the quality of the goods we supply and to this end offer up to a 10-year warranty on our entire range.

So, even if you are looking for that perfect tub chair with wheels and have tried everywhere else to no avail, the reality is that until you’ve checked in with Buy Direct Online, there is still hope and the promise of a better deal than you will find anywhere else.

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