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Physioflex III Kneeling Chair - Sylex Ergonomics

Physioflex III Kneeling Chair - Sylex Ergonomics
Physioflex III Kneeling Chair - Sylex Ergonomics
Physioflex III Kneeling Chair - Sylex Ergonomics
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Physioflex III Kneeling Chair - Sylex Ergonomics
Physioflex III Kneeling Chair - Sylex Ergonomics
Physioflex III Kneeling Chair - Sylex Ergonomics
Physioflex III Kneeling Chair - Sylex Ergonomics
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Ergonomic Physioflex III Kneeling Chair

The Physioflex III Kneeling Chair has developed from ideas put forward by Prof A.C. Mandal that it was easier to maintain the natural curve of the spine in a kneeling seat rather than a traditional 90-degree sitting profile, the concept of kneeling seats has had a loyal following for years. This latest version improves on some safety issues of previous models by restricting rotation, keeping the user centred on a stable base.

Key Benefits:

  • Adjustments: Backrest height (turn wheel at back)
  • Backrest can also be removed.
  • Backrest is padded upholstery with comfort foam
  • Backrest angle is fixed
  • The seat is padded upholstery with comfort foam
  • Seat height gas adjustment - one-touch lever on left-hand side (when seated)
  • Black commercial grade upholstery
  • Chair rolls on 4 wheels attached to the ends of the base 
  • 120kg weight rated capacity
  • Fast shipping - quick and easy to assemble
  • 5-year factory warranty



D:300mm W:400mm


H:300mm W:360mm

Seat Height

Min:500mm Max:570mm

Surface Material


Notes about Kneeling chairs that may interest you.

Correct position you need to be when using a kneeling chair
Be sure to balance your torso forward of your hips in your kneeling chair. If you shift your torso backward you will slump.

Important note about Kneeling chairs:

  • Back rests on kneeling chairs are not to be used for support, they are just provided so you can rest your back for a moment and change positions, mainly they are for safety as many users feel insecure with no back rest behind them.
  • Kneeling chairs promote you to use your muscles in the lumbar and back region of your body to provide correct posture and strengthen these muscles, resting your back on the back rest will defeat the purpose and design of the kneeling chair.
  • Some people can use a kneeling chair comfortably for computer work; others cannot it is a very personal thing which is different for all body shapes and sizes.
  • We recommend kneeling chairs for short-term tasks requiring forward reach or a fine hand-manipulative task, for example, writing with pen and paper, eating at a table, sewing.
  • We discourage the use of kneeling chairs for prolonged sitting, unless you have built up the correct muscles over time.
  • Kneeling chairs position you with an open hip angle. This eases your hips forward to encourage an upright posture, aligning your back, shoulders and neck.
  • Kneeling chairs reduce low back or neck pain for some people.
  • Kneeling chairs make forward-reaching tasks easier.

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