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Chair Dolly Ready to Ship for Free

There has never been a greater emphasis on safety in the workplace, ergonomics and finding efficiencies that boost productivity and reduce costs. Every company must have an employee handbook and in it cover the safety guidelines to ensure that their staff is briefed in accordance with best practices in the workplace. Those that carry out manual tasks that require physical exertion are always trained with a view to protecting their bodies from sustaining an injury and encouraged to use equipment to safeguard against it.
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Here at Buy Direct Online, the chair dolly is one of those items that simply never goes out of fashion and has been around for many years. While this simple solution to moving about stacks of chairs without having to incur the physical struggle that might be associated with completing the task unassisted has proven its worth and is a commonly known item, customers always appreciate when they can acquire them for less.

Chair Trolleys Preventing Workplace Inefficiencies

A chair trolley is a highly effective and efficient piece of kit to have on your premises. Those that regularly host conferences or work with large groups, even in schools or public halls and venues, need a sturdy, durable solution that saves time and allows the workload to be shared by anybody that is free.

Moving chairs about one by one is a labour intensive and time-consuming process and so having a chair mover in place that will enable you to move multiples at a time spares backs, legs and arms and makes for a much more efficient use of time.

Injuries in the workplace can cost you in a number of ways. First of all, you are losing the time and work output of the employee, second the sudden halt to work can disrupt your schedule and lead to a backlog of work that needs to be completed, which is never a good thing when guests are due to arrive and expect to find things organised and neat.

A stacking chair trolley makes all the difference where manual labour of this nature is concerned. Chairs are clumsy and cumbersome items and are built in such a way that only a couple can usually be carried at any one time. As such, the ability to stack and move your chairs fast and store them in a neat manner that makes the best use of the storage space available to you is something all floor and office managers will appreciate.

Not Just Stackable Chair Trolleys - We Have Everything You Need and More

Click and collect options are available to all for those that wish to save on their shipping costs, but for those that must have their goods delivered, there is good news. Metro addresses can avail of free delivery on these items and those further afield benefit from the reduced shipping rates we have agreed with our distributors.

At Buy Direct Online, our stacking chair dolly options come with a 10-year warranty; they have a fully welded metal frame and pneumatic wheels that make for easy rolling no matter what load they must carry. What’s more, we can custom make a dolly to suit the size of the chairs that you need to move, so feel free to get in touch and let us know if we don’t have what you need listed on the site.

So, for everything you need and more, shop with confidence at Buy Direct Online today.
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