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Office Safes Available Now From

Needing to lock important valuables or information? Wanting a solution to keep these items in a secure and safe place? Then you can't go wrong with our electronic keypad safes!

If you need help with your order or other office accessories, give us a call on 1300 313 495 and one of our experienced sales staff can help you make your purchase.

Keep Your Belongings Secure With A Safe

If you need safes for your business, then look no further than! We have office safes available in a variety of sizes and with different features to suit what you need from them.

You can also buy safes online from the comfort of your own home thanks to our website's easy-to-navigate design! Whether you want a safe for valuables or office supplies, we've got something that will work for you.

What Type Of Safe Should I Choose?

As well as safes with key entry, we also offer a number of safes that require the use of an electronic code. These safes are great for those who want added security on their belongings and make it harder for thieves to break into them.

Depending on what you want to keep in your safe, you should consider what size you may need. We have safes that hold anywhere from up to 20L, as well as those designed for important documents and jewellery. You can also find safes with a larger size if you want something that will accommodate more than just your valuables.

What Is The Purpose Of My Office Safe?

If your line of business involves important or sensitive documents and information, safes can be a great solution for keeping this secure and safe in the office. Some of the most common places you might find office safes is in accounting firms or financial institutions.

For added security, we also offer combination keypad safes that use an electronic code to open them instead of requiring keys or combinations. This makes it easier for your employees to access instead of relying on just one or two keys.

If you need to store more valuable goods such as cash or jewellery, larger safes can be a great choice. Not only will they keep these items secure and safe, but safes are also fire-resistant which makes them more durable under extreme conditions.

Safes Available Now From BuyDirectOnline

Security in any company or public domain is vital and safes are the perfect way to help you do that. Safes can be used in homes, offices and businesses of any kind - they're a secure storage solution for anyone!

There is no more cost-effective way to secure your most important belongings and cash than selecting a secure safe or lockable cabinet.

Why Order An Office Safe From

When you buy safes from us at, we make sure all our products have been tested thoroughly before being sent out to customers.

Give us a call on 1300 313 495 if there is anything else we can help you with - one of our experienced furniture experts would be happy to assist!

UL-TECH Electronic Safe Digital Security Box 20L
Free Shipping Fast Dispatch -17 %
Brand: OFD-030 Code: SAF-30EA-MTL-BK
UL-TECH Electronic Safe Digital Security Box 20L Better safe than sorry. The UL-TECH Digital Safe is a strong and secured unit that ensures all your precious belongings are kept under lock and key at all times. It comprises a solid powder-coated steel frame with thick door and sides and a reliabl..
$197.00 $237.00
Ex Tax:$179.09
Safe Electronic Digital Keypad - Home & Office
Next Day Shipping HURRY - Limited Stock -69 %
Brand: OFD-W Code: BDO-4220419
Safe Electronic Digital Keypad ;  This small digital safe with electronic keypad is manufactured from heavy duty steel plate making it very durable but also lightweight perfect for home or office security. Twin bolt locking system with steel body for protection against theft. Many of these safes ..
$59.00 $189.00
Ex Tax:$53.64
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