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Standing up to give a speech in front of a large group of people are you nervous?  Lecterns are designed to give you confidence making it easy to convey your message. The Lectern is a must at any community event or when addressing a large crowd, the sloping top provides a place for notes while displaying a corporate image. Some models have a light option which is very handy if the room lighting is low. What is a Lectern? They are like a Podium which is a platform that is raised up higher than the surroundings. Buy Podiums, Lecterns Online or office accessories today with our easy order system, save 50% & take advantage of our Free Delivery Offer!!
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Lecterns Online for Less

Confidence is important when you step in front of an audience and want them to pay attention to every word that you say. Those that regularly deliver presentations or lectures to audiences know just how useful and important it is to have a lectern podium before you so that you have a base at the centre of your speaking platform that offers support, adequate space for your notes and instils a sense of occasion that promotes the professional image you wish to convey.

Here at Buy Direct Online, as an Australian-owned and operated company, we are especially proud of the fact that we are the country’s largest online office furniture retailer and the go-to choice for thousands of those that wish to access great quality products at exceptional prices. For over 25 years we have supplied some of the biggest brands and companies and continually keep an eye on the marketplace to ensure that we have the latest advances in ergonomic technology as well as solutions that make life that little bit easier whether you are in the work environment or home.

The Many Features of the Modern Lectern Stand

When it comes to the lectern stand what you need will depend on the setting in which you will deliver your presentations, or how you engage with an audience. As such, at Buy Direct Online, you will find a wide range of choices, styles and functions particular to the different models available, which will meet the needs of any and all those seeking to find the ideal product that will enhance their ability to approach each room with confidence.

Naturally, there are height adjustable options available to ensure that users of all sizes can comfortably deliver their presentations and given that LED lighting comes in-built this makes it possible for you to focus the attention of your audience on you by dimming the house lights, without compromising your ability to read from your notes or slides. Tilt features make it that bit easier to adjust the view of your notes when required.

Those that require additional props or materials as part of their routine will also be able to find products that come with additional shelving. And, for those that will speak in front of large audiences and must project their voice, there are lectern podiums available that come with microphones in-built.

Of course, many folks will take their show on the road and must have confidence that no matter where they go they will have access to their preferred set-up each and every time. As such, here at Buy Direct Online, you can find many portable lectern options.

Best of all, for many of our products, logos can be added to the podium, which enables you to promote your branding and company everywhere you deliver your speech.

Preferential Shipping Rates for all of Australia

Here at Buy Direct Online, click and collect is now possible for those that wish to pick their products up from one of our warehouses in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Brisbane. Those in metro areas may also find that they qualify for free delivery when they get to the checkout, and for those beyond the city limits, our shipping rates won’t cost you the earth, because we have preferential rates agreed with our distributors.

So, when you want to access lecterns online and want to find the best looking, high-quality product that comes at the lowest price available in Australia – guaranteed – you’re in the right place here at Buy Direct Online.
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Sylex Lectern Portable Podium Stand
$289.00 $579.00

Sylex Lectern Portable Podium Stand FREE Delivery Metro Areas* Key Benefits: .....

Lectern Podium Portable Mobile Presentation Stand
$315.00 $596.00

Lectern Podium Portable Mobile Presentation Stand Free Metro Delivery Offer* Hot Seller Stoc.....

Sit Stand Lectern / Height Adjustable Expo Table
$429.00 $526.00

Sit Stand Lectern /  Height Adjustable Expo Table FREE Delivery Offer - Metro Areas* T.....

Height Adjustable Table Mobile Lectern Sit Stand Desk
$329.00 $509.00

Height Adjustable Table Mobile Lectern Sit Stand DeskFREE Delivery Offer - Metro Areas* Hydraulic ac.....

AL1500 Director Lectern Podium
$1,369.00 $1,719.00

Director Lectern Podium Free Delivery Offer - Metro Areas* The Director Lectern Podium has an Al.....

AL1800 Chancellor Lectern
$1,659.00 $2,079.00

AL1800 Chancellor LecternFree Delivery Offer - Metro Areas*The very popular Chancellor lectern has a.....

AL2000 Senator Lectern
$1,959.00 $2,449.00

AL2000 Senator Lectern Free Delivery Offer - Metro Areas* Lectern Australia is Australia's numbe.....

Celebrant Steel Post Acrylic Top Lectern
$649.00 $819.00

Celebrant Steel Post Acrylic Top LecternFree Delivery Offer - Metro Areas*Stylish, simple and elegan.....

Chaplain Clear Acrylic Lectern
$879.00 $1,099.00

Chaplain Clear Acrylic LecternFree Delivery Offer - Metro Areas*Stylish Acrylic Lectern made from hi.....

Deacon Clear Acrylic Lectern
$879.00 $1,099.00

Deacon Clear Acrylic LecternFree Delivery Offer - Metro Areas*Stylish Acrylic Lectern made from high.....

Deluxe Lectern Presentation Stand
$899.00 $1,498.00

Deluxe Lectern Presentation StandFree Metro Delivery Offer***This Product has a 25-30 working day le.....

Diplomat Lectern
$979.00 $1,229.00

Diplomat LecternFree Delivery Offer - Metro Areas*The AL200S Diplomat Lectern is a cost-effective op.....

Height Adjustable Uplift Lectern
$869.00 $1,089.00

Height Adjustable Uplift LecternFree Delivery Offer - Metro Areas*This elegant height adjustable lec.....

Helsinki Sit Stand Office Desk
$429.00 $675.00

Helsinki Sit Stand Office DeskFREE Delivery Offer - Metro Areas* Ever been to Helsinki? It’s co.....

Preacher Clear Acrylic Lectern
$879.00 $1,099.00

Preacher Clear Acrylic LecternFree Delivery Offer - Metro Areas*Stylish Acrylic Lectern made from hi.....

Statesman Height Adjustable Lectern
$3,719.00 $4,649.00

Statesman Height Adjustable LecternFree Delivery Offer - Metro Areas*The Statesman Height Adjustable.....

Student Height Adjustable Lectern
$359.00 $449.00

Student Height Adjustable LecternFree Delivery Offer - Metro Areas*The AL20 Student Lectern is smart.....

Upside Folding Adjustable Stack Sit Stand Lectern Desk
$629.00 $759.00

Upside Folding Adjustable Stack Sit-Stand Lectern Desk Free Delivery Offer - Metro Areas* Key Be.....

WL2000 President Lectern Podium
$1,649.00 $2,069.00

WL2000 President Lectern Podium Free Delivery Offer - Metro Areas* The President lectern is the .....

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