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Integ Ar-ray Desk Mounted Monitor Arm

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Integ International Ar-ray Series

Desk Mounted Single, Double Monitor Arm, Screen and Laptop Holder

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Heavy duty, high quality desk mounted single, double monitor arms as well as laptop holder.

Product Benefits:
  • Increase Productivity - 5 days work in 4 days or less
  • Work Ergonomically - Be healthy, work safer
  • Save Valuable Space - Free up valuable desk real estate
  • Work Mobile - Use mobile device ergonomically

Five Points to Arm Yourself With:

Superior User Ergonomics & Well-being
With a well designed monitor arm you can dramatically increase work surface area enhancing user flexibility & comfort. Just to have a look at the superior "ergonomic reach zone" with a monitor arm.

Reduce Footprint = Maximised Office Space
With an efficient workspace, you can enhance user productivity & well-being while decreasing the traditional workspace footprint. Go a step further and adopt sit-to-stand workspaces or hot desking.

Reduce Costs & Greater Returns
The result of increased productivity, space saving, better user well-being with a modular product configuration means a greater return on your investment.

Productivity Gains
Even with a single monitor arm, users ability to multi task are enhanced with increased usable workspace & greater multi-monitor capacity. With the addition of a second screen or using your laptop as a second screen you can further increase productivity by a reported 44%

Modular Configuration
A product that is modular in design can adopt to users changing needs, both behavioral and technological, allowing user requirements, dual screen & laptop use and bifocal requirements. All achieved while re-using key components.

Horizontal Reach Zone

Use this handy guide to help plan horizontal space and reach zones in an individuals workspace. For more guidelines on screen placement please go to

Reach Zones

(A) Normal Reach Distance from table edge to hand grasping point with back straight and upper arm near vertical.

(B) Extended Reach Distance from table edge to hand grasping point with back straight and arm fully extended.

(C) Work Distance Distance from table edge to the distance where work is performed most comfortably by the worker.

(D) Normal Reach Width Width of normal reach area at table edge.

(E) Extended Reach Width Area within the reach envelope best suited for comfortable work. The optimum work area begins at the work distance or point

• What are you current & future IT requirements?
• What are the requirements for laptops with secondary monitors? Or perhaps iPad's?
• How many monitors are you looking to mount? Now and in the future?
• Are you aware how much dual monitors can increase productivity?
• Wha is the weight of the monitors? Old vs. new monitors?
• How ill you deal with cable management?
• Does poor cable management frustrate you?

And remember...

• Installers frequently charge more for installing monitor arms with complex cable management or that require adjustment. This is a cost that you may face unless you provide the with a solution that avoids these issues.

• Check the VESA fitting on any new monitors. VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) is the international standard for mount monitors. 95% of monitors have a VESA adaptor plate, however, it pays to check as some monitor manufacturers are non-compliant to VESA.

Integ Ar-ray
Desk Mounted Monitor Arms

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