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Eureka Swing Ergonomic CR-1 Rotation Patented Office Chair Natural Human Motion + Free Stool Stool

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Eureka Swing Ergonomic CR-1 Rotation Patented Office Chair Natural Human Motion + Free Stool Stool

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Our Swing Chair uses your natural human motion to optimize your posture, reduce pain or injury, and achieve exceptional back health. This design is supported by scientific documents developed by ergonomic, chiropractic, and medical professionals who focus on the importance of spinal health. The utility-patented pivot point of our Swing Chair uses your centre of gravity to develop the most beneficial seating posture for you!

The stylish design, satisfying spinal support, and various posture positions will make you want to enhance your workplace with our Swing Chair.

The health benefits of our Swing Chair provide you with Continuous Balanced Motion (CBM) and a System of Postural Support (SPS) to signify its value! The firm back support gives depth and height adjustments the capability to assist the ICFL (Mid-lumbar).

If you are looking for a chair that can accommodate a static and/or dynamic work environment, this chair is PERFECT for you!

This advanced chair is the only one with a patented mechanism which has a pivot point at the same place as the center of rotation (CR-1) of seated human posture, this gives you the health benefits of maintaining NATURAL HUMAN MOTION

"The chair of the future will reduce fatigue, pain & injury by enabling and guiding natural human motion."

- Rethinking Sitting: A seminar presented at the National Ergonomics Conference & *ErgoExpo by Ergonomists Dr Jenny Pynt (Phd., AU) and Rani Lueder, MSIE, CPE (USA). This seminar is the largest and longest running event of its kind focusing on elevating healthy back science to a national and international level.

"Sitting is the new smoking" 

- Dr James Levine, A Mayo Clinic Endocrinologist, is a leading researcher on the health hazards of sitting too much.

"The impact of movement - even leisurely movement - can be profound. For starters, you'll burn more calories. This might lead to weight loss and increased energy. Even better, the muscle activity needed for standing and other movement seems to trigger important processes related to the breakdown of fats and sugars within the body. When you sit, these processes stall - and your health risks increase. When you're standing or actively moving, you kick the processes back into action."

Former NASA Director of Life Sciences Dr. Joan Vernikos is a leader in the field of healthy aging and the modern phenomenon of Sitting related illness. Her best-selling book, "Sitting Kills" presents a simple yet powerful scientific explanation for why sitting has such a dramatic impact on your health, and how you ca simply and easily counteract the ill effects of sitting by moving frequently!


Key Benefits:

  • Black Commercial Quality Fabric Seat & Back
  • Black Super Duty Nylon 5 way Base
  • Roller Point Twin Wheel Casters 
  • Utility Patented Swing Chair
  • Dynamic & Autonomous Counter Balancing Path Of Motion
  • Natural Human Motion Mechanism Action 
  • Seat Tilt & Back Tilt System 
  • Back Rest Depth Adjustment 
  • Height Adjustable Gas Lift
  • Height Adjustable Arm Rest with Swivel Arm Pads 
  • Easy Assembly
  • Free Foot Stool Included 
  • 135kg User Weight Rating
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty 


  • Black

Carton Size: 77x66x38cm 24kgs

Footstool Instructions

*The Free Delivery Offer covers delivery to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra & Perth metro areas. We deliver to all other areas for a small discounted rate please put your postcode into the estimate shipping calculator to confirm the cost to your location. 

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