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Given the advances in technology over the past two decades, the workplace is still filled with computer monitors and laptops perched at heights that are not at eye-level. Piles of paper, old files, or even a discarded yellow pages sit on desks beneath raised screens in hope of rectifying the problem. A computer monitor stand is a simple, elegant solution to this clumsy problem, and, best of all, it is affordable.

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Computer Monitor Stand to help your back, neck and shoulders

Ergonomics is broadly defined as the study of efficiency in the work environment, with an emphasis on the worker and fitting the workplace to their needs. The most common work environment typically involves a computer monitor, keyboard and possibly a mouse on a desk with a chair in front of it.

That chair needs to be as flexible as possible so that any of your employees can sit into it, adjust it to their needs and then work without giving a second thought to their comfort.

At, we believe that everyone who uses a computer or laptop to carry out their work be given a workstation that fits them comfortably and does not place their body under any kind of strain or stress, and so we manufacture and supply high quality, GECA certified and AFRDI approved office furniture that empowers the worker to exploit their talents throughout the day.

Monitor risers and stands transform your workspace

A monitor riser does a lot of things at the same time. Its primary function is to help eliminate the strain on your body associated with craning forward, bending and holding the neck in awkward positions for sustained periods of time.

Studies have shown that workers whose employers furnish them with ergonomically sound furniture have a higher morale, take fewer sick days and are more productive. An added bonus of the monitor riser is that it can help create more space on staff desks. Files and paperwork can fit comfortably beneath it, clearing the desk thereby allowing maximum optimisation of your space.

However, as with all ergonomic tools, unless they are used properly and adjusted accordingly by each employee the benefit will not be felt. As such, it is necessary for you when you try out that new mesh chair, or perch your monitor on top of the riser, to test that it is at the correct height for you, and if not, to make adjustments to the height accordingly.

Ergonomic products work best when the correct balance is struck, so it always makes sense to take the time to customise the products to your specifications.

Home-grown, owned and operated for you

We all expect to live longer and work more years so it is vital that we look after our physical and mental well-being, particularly in the workplace. At our goal is to make beneficial tools such as the monitor stand for your desk that are affordable and of a standard that allows you to use them for years.

We offer warranties up to 10 years to assure that if anything should go wrong with our products, replacement or repair are just a request away. We look forward to your order and appreciate you supporting our home-grown business and we’ll keep passing the savings on to you!

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