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Wall Partitions

The latest architectural style has greatly impacted how offices are furnished today. All employees must have an area of their own, yet the space constraints have necessitated economical use of every inch available. According to the principles of ergonomics, dividing the whole area with wall partitions to form small cubicles, gives the worker the much needed freedom of movement, storage space, and privacy.

Productivity, communication, and efficiency are enhanced when partitions are constructed out of glazed or transparent or semi-transparent material. Using smart solutions to create consistently horizontal corridors and cells is the best substitute of wall partitions built of the traditional bricks and mortar. 

Wall dividers can now be replaced with a large number of materials and may have doors of hinged or sliding version. The most popular materials for contemporary office wall partitions are glass and aluminum. Irrespective of the construction material, it is important to maintain perfect insulation, indigenous cable management, and acoustic absorption. Modern partitions allow for flexible space management and offer great value for their price.

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