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Saddle Chair

Saddle chairs not only provide healthier sitting positions than the normal chairs but have many other health benefits. The right sitting posture can help prevent or eliminate shoulder tension or back pain. 

Saddle chairs are increasingly gaining popularity. Formerly common in the medical field, especially by dentists, saddle chairs are making their way into businesses and homes worldwide. 

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Consumers are increasingly familiarizing themselves with saddle chairs and the many benefits they can get from the chair. The saddle chair is an ergonomic stool styled like a saddle with no back support that requires the user to sit astride in equestrian style.  

Traditional seats make the user pose in such a way that the spine bends forwards when working leading to compression in the vertebrae. Ergonomic chairs are designed in such a way that the weight is distributed to attain an anatomical balance thus reducing pressure on the back

Benefits of the saddle chair:

The ideal healthy sitting position needs to:

A saddle chair helps obtain the ideal sitting position. Use a saddle chair for improved muscle strength, improved posture, back and neck pain relief, and spinal disorder prevention.

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