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Office Partitions

A Dynamically Simple Office Screen System.              

Invest in a fully relocatable, fully reconfigurable tangible asset.

Investing in a System50 partition system for your next office project provides cost effectiveness becayse the investment made is protected in a system which will readily adapt to changing office layouts and work patterns.

A traditional stud and plaster partition is dismantled and scrapped the instant you wish to revise your floor layout.

System50 can be reconfigured and extended many times over the tenancy life cycle, and many facility managers are now re-using System50 when changing tenancies simply by dismantling and relocating the system to the new location when the original tenancy lease expires.

As a tangible asset System50 is also depreciable along with your office furniture providing taxation benefits for the facility management budget.

Environmentally sustainable office fitout

The System50 demountable partition system integrates state of the art full height partitioning, workstations and reception areas with industry leading environmental credentials, into a seamless whole with no compromise on aesthetics, cable management or functionality.

It offers a comprehensive range of solutions for every office requirement along with one of the most environmentally friendly approaches to office design currently available.

In fact when you consider the ‘dust to dust’ equation for System50 partitioning… energy and capital saving in the production, full refurbish-ability, the ability to easily reconfigure, the hugely extended life span and final recycling, this may well be one of the smartest solutions to your office partitioning and design needs anywhere.



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