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Kneeling Chair

Ever been chained to your desk and felt excruciating lower back pain the day after? Today's highly driven individual will benefit largely from using a kneeling chair. With most working hours are spent sitting and doing desk jobs, repetitive stress injury and other health issues easily creep to workers well-being stunting their potential. Kneeling chairs are alternative seats designed specifically for workers engaged in prolonged sitting position or with minimal movement while working for long hours. A fixed seat that has padded support on a 30-degree sloping forward position with or without a backrest, a kneeling chair has become quite the rave nowadays in most offices. This type of ergonomic chair are quite renowned for the following benefits:

Promotes Good Posture

Imagine being hunched on your back engorging on reports and tasks on a daily basis. There is a high tendency that you will develop an unhealthy posture which can lead to a bevy of health issues when gone unattended over time. This is even more so for pregnant women or for those who have "beer bellies" wherein an increased pressure is being subjected to the lower stomach. A kneeling chair is ergonomically designed to promote good spinal alignment and provide adequate support to ensure that proper posture is attained while doing your task. Sitting (or should we say "kneeling") on this chair will allow your body to shift pressure away from your spine and divert it to the gluteal muscles (or buttocks) thereby maintaining proper posture.

Improved Activity in Internal Body Parts

Even when sitting, your muscles, tendons, joints, and nerves are screaming for relief from pain due to a sedentary position. Prolonged sitting usually stunts proper blood circulation depriving these internal body parts their needed oxygen to "breathe" or relax. A kneeling chair is designed to improve your circulation and breathing by elongating or stretching your position. This also improves your digestion as your stomach area is being freed from a prolonged slumped position.

Body Pain Relief

Body pain is nothing new to most office jobs, but it can be prevented. Lower back pain, for instance, is usually caused by the upper body putting too much load on the lower back. A normal chair usually prevent the spine from providing adequate support to your lower torso. Through a kneeling chair, you can shift your upper body to allocate some of the pressure to the muscles on your buttocks relieving pressure subjected to your back as well as to the base of your spine, the neck.

Increased Flexibility

One of the culprits in repetitive stress injuries is the decline of movement and flexibility while working. Aside from improvement on posture and prevention of body pain, a kneeling chair provide ease of movement from one task to another. Instead of slumping toward your table in an unhealthy manner, it allows you to change position every now and then. This further increases your agility and dexterity to shift from one task to another with ease.

Enhanced Work Productivity

With good posture, improved breathing and circulation, increased flexibility, and less bodily pain, one can guarantee much improved productivity at work by utilizing a kneeling chair. It enhances your concentration and focus critical in your work performance. Though your body may be used to the usual discomfort of prolonged sitting, using a kneeling chair will help improve your well-being and guarantee better work power. For more information on its design, feel free to check out kneeling chair products at BuyDirectOnline.

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