Amy 20/04/2015

We use these for our office and will slowly be transitioning to all 12 staff using them. We love them!

Elliot 11/12/2014

Just finished building this Altex desk yippee!!...I'm using it right now!!. it is totally brilliant....I'm so glad the top didn't have pre drilled holes because I had to position the top with a large over hang on the back to make way for a power box on the wall so that assembly feature is a great bonus. The timber screws go straight into the top holding the frame as solid as a rock. I love it thanks dudes!!!

Kate 05/11/2014

Desk itself seems good quality. Instructions are limited but understandable. The cable tray installation page is listed on the website. No pre-drilled holes in the top but the self taper screws provided work great. Once it was together it worked well.

Sarah 08/08/2014

Installed today - what a great desk - my back thanks you!

John Grace 02/06/2014

This desk arrived and is now in use.
I can now spend time working while standing and my doctor says that is is doing me good.
My back pain had almost gone and I am feeling much better whilst working.
It is excellent quality and feels like it too.
I would recommend this for every office worker.
Thanks a lot!