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Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Research into ergonomics has shown that there is a correlation between long hours in a sitting posture and health issues such as RSI, back pain and reduced blood flow. A standing desk allows you to work comfortably from a standing position. A height adjustable desk allows you to easily switch between a sitting and standing position through-out your day to help avoid these health risks.

Benefits of a Standing/Stand Up Desk

Prolonged sitting can trigger a myriad of health and metabolic concerns for you. When your job requires sitting for 8 to 10 hours a day, even working out thereafter will not suffice to aid in maintaining a sound health. For years, researchers study the necessity of human ergonomics and came up with the idea of height adjustable desks or standing/stand-up desks. Buying stand-up desks can largely benefit your health as it allows you to stretch and move from an idle position. Aside from health concerns, comfort and modern ergonomics also make stand-up desks far better options in your offices. Today, standing desks such as the electric-operated Altex 100 have become easier and much cheaper to obtain. These standing desks are also considered good investments as these provide the following benefits:

Calorie Burning

Obesity and diabetes are some of the adverse effects of sedentary working conditions. Sitting for longer period of times can stunt your metabolism and hormones due to inactivity. Height adjustable desks allow your body to stretch and move with energy. When energy is being utilized, calories are thereby burned at the same time. As standing desks such as Altex 100 can be easily adjusted according to your preferred height in a push of a button, you can easily activate your muscles, limbs, nerves, and bones to aid in burning calories. This can be very helpful especially to workers who are trying to lose weight or have weight concerns.

Higher Life Expectancy

Sedentary lifestyle contributes largely to high death rates. Sitting down less and standing up more using a standing desk can prevent accumulation of fatty deposits to your liver, heart, and other internal organs. Cholesterol can be kept at low levels when you do movements every now and then. By shifting to a sitting position to a standing position with just a single push of a button on your Altex 100 stand-up desk, you can help energize your muscles to stimulate burning of fatty deposits. Lowering potential of unhealthy weight gain due to prolonged sitting will help increase life expectancy.

Better Productivity

Of course, healthy workers are more productive. Standing desks like that of Altex 100 can be adjusted in a way that make sitting and standing alternate positions easier to manage. This allows the body to be more keyed up and stimulated to perform to its best potential. With chronic diseases kept at bay, number of work days missed can be kept at a minimum level. Standing position while working can also increase blood circulation from the body to the brain. This enhances your capacity to think and concentrate on problems and issues.

More Comfort and Convenience

Modern ergonomics help to ensure lowering of repetitive stress injury. Stand up desks help lessen back, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, leg cramps, and other bodily aches caused by prolonged sitting. Desks with adjustable height with just a push of a button can make one feel more comfortable and convenient to move around his work station.

Extra Space and Storage

Modern height adjustable desks such as the Altex 100 brand are versatile enough to fit into any space. It can be used as a corner desk to maximize space. It can also be adjusted to give ample space at the bottom for extra storage. When used as a computer desk, monitor placement can also be varied to suit a user's comfort.

Indeed, buying electric-operated height adjustable desks such as the Altex 100 can provide ample benefits to your health and overall working environment. For business owners, these stand-up desks can help enhance well-being of your workers thereby augmenting productivity and ROI. For individuals, saying goodbye to long hours of achy and tiring desk job will give your health its much needed boost for a better life.


An added benefit of a sit stand desk is it can be adjusted at the push of a button to suit any height. This means a desk can be shared across shifts and can be adjusted to suit for any worker.

Our Altex 100 Height Adjustable Desk is fully electric is adjustable from 660mm high up to 1180mm. It is available in both a straight desk as well as corner desk in a variety of sizes and colours.

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